How is the real estate market in Saigon now?

It can be said that the real estate market, the real estate market is now the issue that many people are most concerned about. According to the assessment, the supply in the real estate market is increasing day by day, but the consumption is still stomping, causing pressure on investors. To know the current real estate market in Saigon, let’s update immediately the following information:

Real estate status (real estate)

In the seminar on real estate market, Dr. Dinh The Hien made forecasts for the real estate market in 2018. He also assessed that the current real estate market in Saigon is potentially too many signs risk.

Why say the real estate market now exists risk?


Apartment supply is rising over the same period of 2016 and this model is in the supply phase of larger demand. Meanwhile, real estate sales in the last months of 2017 showed no sign of rising and high inventories. Thus, with the decline is also the first sign for the uncertainty of the property market 2018.


With data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released in May 2017, average income and low labor productivity in Vietnam led to the pace of home purchase in the city. HCMC is falling in the context of urbanization process is going on quite strong. This challenge can be said to be a big problem for the city of about 10 million people.


Current real estate market risk: By the same to the data from the IMF report, the credit growth rate is fast but the economy is developing inequitably leading to credit efficiency. As well as the return on investment is not as expected.

real estate market in HCM

How is the real estate market in Saigon now?


Currently tightening credit with real estate loans will make it difficult for people to buy houses.

The purchasing power is reduced and the supply is increasing and the return on real estate investment is not as attractive as before are signs of concern in the HCM market.


Currently, land prices and real estate in HCMC in the period 2015 – 2017 are rising quite high, which makes them become a major barrier to buyers and difficult to raise prices next year.


There are many high-end apartments in Saigon are in the process of transferring the house, resulting in the pressure of renting and leaving inventory in large. Therefore, the real estate market, high-end apartments are facing the risk of deceleration compared to the apartment segment mid-range down.


According to current real estate market statistics, cheap apartments will always have a place and high demand in Saigon in 2018 and a few years to come. However, the unfavorable position can also cause congestion in apartments and loss of profitability for investors because it is difficult to sell.

real estate market in HCM

real estate market in HCM City


As predicted, the land sales are likely to not grow in the coming time due to difficult access to investors who are able to exploit. The capital inflows into the ground with the backing of this financial leverage will pose risks to investors.


The adjacent resorts in Ho Chi Minh City and the cities of the sea will face the challenges and competitive pressures that lead to the status of racing out of inventory can take place more fierce.

real estate in HCM

The current real estate market will face many challenges

With the careful view of property expert Dinh The Hien, at the seminar, Lawyer Bui Quang Tin pointed out the optimistic bright spots of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general.

According to Tin, in 2017 interest rates in Vietnam are on the downward trend and in the coming years tend to adjust downward, in harmony with the interest rates of countries in the region and in the world. .

This is a favorable condition, it will directly affect the real estate market in Vietnam. At present, over 50% of capital, real estate investment originated from banks. The most positive point is the opportunity for home buyers and project developers to have access to cheaper capital.

Above are the current real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. hope to provide useful information to readers as well as those who need to care about the real estate situation in 2018.

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