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Real Estate Nhon Trach Dong Nai – Land is still the strength


Many experts said that the real estate market in Nhon Trach Dong Nai is expected to continue its development trend in 2018, especially when Long Thanh Airport project and other infrastructure projects are under development.

The ground is forecast to remain strong.

Infrastructure creates Dong Nai real estate 2018 new pushes

Dong Nai buiding

According to Mr. Su Ngoc Khuong, Director of Investment Division, Savills Vietnam said: Dong Nai’s infrastructure, especially the main roads, is very important to connect Dong Nai with surrounding provinces. Particularly, there are approximately 100km of horizontal rail lines, which is an important factor when investing in real estate in Dong Nai. In addition, when the investment policy of Long Thanh International Airport has been a push for the real estate market in Dong Nai province developed.

Also need to capture the following Dong Nai Nhon Trach real estate:

However, according to many real estate investors, another important news is that the government recently approved Cat Lai Bridge linking District 2 with Ho Chi Minh City with Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) This bridge is for mixed vehicles. Another 5 years, thanks to this bridge, real estate in Nhon Trach in particular and Dong Nai in general will take off and this is an opportunity for investors in the coming years. Expecing the authorities will promote the project on schedule.

According to statistics, by the end of 2016, Dong Nai has a total of 55 housing projects providing nearly 30,200 units / market both primary and secondary. Of which, the secondary market accounted for 27,600 units / unit, more than 90% of total supply, while the actual supply was only 2,600 units / background.

What other experts say about Dong Nai real estate 2018?

Dong Nai real estate

Nguyen Thanh Lam, deputy director of the Department of Construction, Chairman of the Dong Nai Real Estate Association, said that Dong Nai has 300 projects that have been compensating and investors have borrowed money from banks in the context of interest. High risk. In the past, due to the real estate crisis, some projects have been implemented, but most of them are still sold. Many projects have advanced technical infrastructure but no social infrastructure, so no people to live.

According to Lam, Dong Nai real estate market is divided into 3 groups, of which:

– Group 1 has access to and connected with the existing urban areas of Bien Hoa, Long Thanh and Trang Bom, along with Long Khanh (Nhon Trach district).

– Group 2 is the suburbs of towns and cities, investment is 5-7 years.

– Group 3 is investment projects around Long Thanh airport with a total of 21,000ha but not planned.

Personally, he said that group 1-2 is the most effective, earning right, but for group 3 must be longer because there is no planning, no direction.

That is the sharing of real estate Dong Nai Nhon Trach of readers should consult.

The land situation is leading the real estate market in Dong Nai

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Dong Nai is prominent land market

According to Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, Dong Nai is prominent land market, especially the geographical location of Bien Hoa city adjacent to the area. HCMC. In the world, the satellite city must be within 200km radius, and Bien Hoa is only 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, so it can be said that Bien Hoa is the suburb of Ho Chi Minh City.

Coming soon, Nhon Trach, Long Thanh as well. There have been many investors from Ho Chi Minh City have invested in projects in the nearby tourist sites such as Giang Dien Waterfall in Dong Nai.

According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Khang, Acting General Director of LDG share, ground land market in Dong Nai, the demand is great and will grow strongly thanks to three basic factors that updated below:

– One is the infrastructure, especially the Dong Nai authorities agreed to extend the Metro to Bien Hoa.

– Second is the infrastructure connecting Nhon Trach

– Third is Long Thanh International Airport.

How was Dong Nai Nhon Trach real estate in years?

In previous years, Nhon Trach Dong Nai real estate market was “crumbling” because of spontaneous investment, every 3,000 – 4,000 sqm for sale, leading to virtual fever market. Recently, the province has directed to change the direction of development Dong Nai real estate market as the planning is managed and legal transparency.

real estate Dong Nai 2018 on the ground model can be a great potential for investors to consider

Many real estate experts have suggested that in order to make Dong Nai’s real estate market more prosperous in the coming years, it is necessary to resolve a shortcoming that investors jump into mass investment and then sell it 3-4 years later. There is no home left, under the development of the project is completely failed. If possible, Dong Nai should approve the plan and require investors to invest at least what and determine what urban areas should be inhabited, what factors should be included.

Thus, real estate Dong Nai 2018 on the ground model can be a great potential for investors to consider. hopes that the share will be a useful source of information, a bridge to real estate, home buyers have more useful information when make decision.

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