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Real Estate Picks-up Big Wave At The End Of The Year

For more than a month now, Mr.Toan – a real estate broker found the business advantage over the second quarter. From mid-September until now, he sold 3 luxury apartments and a villa.

Recently, the market has many new projects, many guests are also worried that home prices will increase year-end should decide to down the money, “, According to Mr. Toan, his colleagues are equally busy with the year-end sales race.

Mr. Chinh, another broker, has been in a rush for more than a month, as the number of visitors who are interested in buying houses has increased in all segments from apartments, villas, adjoining each other.The last quarter of a year  is the time to receive the largest wave because many customers worried about house prices were pushed up so early bought. This year, the supply is forecasted quite large so some investors have started one step ahead, to launch beautiful products to market sooner than expected, “Mr.Chinh said.

Therefore, from mid-September, to welcome the market wave, many small investors in all segments continuously launched to market, products on the rich floor so customers have more options. , the transaction is easy to succeed. “I am selling five projects, instead of just two projects as at the end of August,” Mr.Chinh said.

Real estate picks-up big wave
Both the owner and the distributor are racing in the most liquid phase of the year.

Mr.Vu Cuong Quyet, Director of Dat Xanh real estate in the North, said that the market has moved into the peak period since the beginning of October when both the number of interested customers and the supply increased. However, if the year 2015 is a period of booming liquidity when speculative activity has increased sharply, this year, the apartment market maintained a steady increase in transactions as most buyers had demand living.

The floor manager also said that the unit made a price comparison in similar projects in the same segment in Hanoi, showing that this year was 6-8% higher than last year. And that may be the reason why many customers are anxious from now until the end of the year will be higher.

He also said that normally liquidity at the lowest point with the peak time of the year will be 30-40% difference. Therefore, right from the beginning of the fourth quarter, after the projects were launched to the market, many customers were down immediately to choose the nice.

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A total of 5,279 apartments sold in the third quarter were sold in the third quarter, a half-fold more than in the previous quarter, according to CBRE Research & Consulting. In particular, the sales of luxury segment continues to show growth trends since the beginning of 2016.

Real estate picks-up big wave

According to this unit, in the first three quarters of 2016, the number of apartments sold reached approximately 14,200 units.

“Positive market sentiment is maintained, sales catch up relatively quickly with new openings. In the future, the market is predicted to continue to be optimistic in the last quarter of 2016. Both sales and open sales can continue growing. Many projects will continue to be available in the last quarter of the year and scattered in the developing areas of the city, “CBRE reports.

Do Thu Hang, deputy director of the Savills Research Department in Hanoi, said that in the last quarter of 2017, apartment segment prices as well as villas will continue to be positive.

She also said that with the apartment segment, if there was any concern about inventory, the market is now looking to invest in apartments for lease, so this situation will not happen.

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