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Real estate prices in the district 12?

Real estate prices in the district 12

It can be said that the market price of land in District 12 tphcm cheap and full potential to invest real estate (real estate) in 2018. With updated the changes, real estate prices here and investment opportunities in this land.

The potential for real estate investment in District 12

Besides the development of real estate in the east of Saigon as District 2, District 9.In the coastal areas such as District 12, Hoc Mon … became more and more active with increasing transaction volume, according to recent statistics.

In District 12 is getting busier, District 12 is considered as a place for low- and middle-income people to find a place to live. However, it is due to the fact that the price of district 12 tphcm is cheaper than other areas, so it is attractive to many investors to live here as well as business.

Explaining the real estate problem in District 12 is hot

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 12th district? It can be said that with the land fund in Ho Chi Minh City in the central area is now rare as gold so the land price in District 12 is still quite soft.

Moreover, real estate in District 12 has many creative points attracted by attractive investors find here:

Infrastructure of District 12 is getting better and better:

Infrastructure of District 12 has been improved
Infrastructure of District 12 has been improved

Although District 12 is located far from the center of District 1, District 3, but the infrastructure and traffic here is improving, more convenient for the travel of residents. The most noticeable is that when the metro station is completed, it is likely that District 12 will be the terminus linking Ben Thanh Market District 1. In general, this will cause housing prices District 12 increased by at least 10%.

Moreover, District 12 land fund is still in the planning process. This creates conditions for middle-income people to have the opportunity to own housing.

In addition, there are many large projects being implemented with prestigious investors and products ranging from villas to high-end and mid-end apartments, cheap apartments are available, etc. With various purposes and segments of customers ranging from renting, buying to living or investing in real estate …

Suggest some projects worth investing in District 12

Currently, real estate in District 12 is gradually warming up by prominent projects such as residential area of ​​Thoi An, Hiep Thanh residential area, Hung Ngan Garden apartment, …

District 12 has great potential for future development

Possesses great potential in the future
Possesses great potential in the future

Yes, according to the price list of District 12 tphcm in 2017 shows: Land prices here range from 1,700 -8,700 dong/ sqm. The highest price was at Truong Chinh street (8,700 dong / sqm), then Nguyen Anh Thu (7,000 dong / sqm), Phan Van Hon (7,400 dong / sqm) and Nguyen Van Qua (5,700 dong / sqm) …

The lowest updated land prices are at Bui Cong Trung, Bui Van Ngu, Dinh Giao Khuc, Thanh Xuan, Thanh Loc, Hiep Thanh.

As for the land price of the project is from 7 to 14 million m2, this price depends on the area and the project.

The price is taken from the land price list of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and issued in conjunction with Decision No. 51/2014 / QD-UBND on December 31, 2014 and applied until 2019. However, in real estate, the status of planning, market, …

Districts such as Thu Duc, Tan Binh, Go Vap, District 12 fluctuate around 42-69% … According to the report on real estate market in 2017 and forecasts of 2018 of the HCMC Real Estate Association, also received Due to scarcity of supply, land price fever is returning to some districts such as District 9, Thu Duc, Binh Tan, District 12, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Nha Be.


Thus, through the small share of housing prices in District 12 on hope to help people update much useful information to invest when needed. With potential current in District 12, perhaps this is the area promising to bring fever to the whirlwind in the real estate market in 2018.

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