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Real estate projects in Hanoi under vnd20 million / sqm are very much interested to you

Thang Long Victory luxury apartment project

Hanoi Real Estate will bring the best apartment projects to customers who buy houses.

If you are wondering in buying a home because many apartment projects, apartment prices are too high, here will be a few projects at reasonable prices for customers. You will be happy to choose the project that best suits your family.

Demand for buying houses in Vietnam is increasing
Demand for buying houses in Vietnam is increasing

Thang Long Victory high-end project

This project is located in the South An Khanh urban area, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi by Phuc Ha Group as the investor. This is one of the low-income housing projects sold in Hanoi.

Thang Long Victory is a complex of 5 condominiums, located on an area of ​​about 3.2 hectares, located in 33 hectares of mixed-use high-rise buildings and offices, commercial services urban areas. New South An Khanh. The apartments at Thang Long Victory range from 45 to 93 sqm with prices ranging from VND14 – 17 million / sqm.

Up to this year, the project has had two buildings have been completed and the remaining building will start construction in 2018. The apartments in these two buildings have an area of ​​over 90 sqm with the selling price of VND15 million / sqm, ranging in size from 45 to 80 sqm. If you want to buy these apartments, they have to accept the price difference from less than VND100 to 200 million / apartment.

Thang Long Victory luxury apartment project
Thang Long Victory luxury apartment project

Hung Thinh social housing project

This project is priced at about VND12 million / sqm for two types of apartments, of which apartments type A and B have an area of ​​56 m2 and 69 m2 with 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and apartment. Type C is 35 sqm with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

This project is located in Kien Hung urban area, Kien Hung ward, Ha Dong district, about 1 km from the People’s Committee of Ha Dong district. The scale of the project consists of 3 6-storey apartment buildings with full facilities including commercial center, health care, …

Apartment project Thanh Ha Cience 5 – Ha Dong

Thanh Ha Cience 5 of Muong Thanh Group is one of low income housing projects located in Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi. This project is located in the Thanh Ha urban area, which consists of apartment, townhouses, air-conditioner, nursery, greenery, etc.

The project of Thanh Ha Cience 5
The project of Thanh Ha Cience 5 – Ha Dong belongs to Muong Thanh Group

The scale of this project consists of 3 blocks of 16 units. Specifically, the project consists of 1 basement, 1 floor of commercial center, kiot and 15 storey apartment for sale. And each floor is arranged 17 apartments / floor with 4 lifts and 2 stairs. Moreover, the apartments are also designed with 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets and loggia with the area from 45 sqm, 64 sqm, 69 sqm, 75 sqm and 76 sqm. Previously, the apartment at Thanh Ha Cienco 5 project has an attractive price of VND9.5 million / sqm. However, it is very difficult for customers to buy Thanh Ha Cienco 5 apartment for less than VND10 million / sqm because the price is now pushed to VND11-13 million /sqm. Selling price increases, but the project is still a lot of customers interested and choose this place as an ideal residence for yourself.

The Golden An Khanh project is in stage 2

The Golden An Khanh is a commercial apartment project owned by Da Hoang Long River Company and is considered one of the cheapest commercial apartments in the real estate market. Specifically, the Golden An Khanh project consists of two phases: stage 1 is now completed with two buildings of 18T1 AND 18T2. The second phase of the project deployed three 32-storey buildings 32T tower A, B and C. In each of the buildings in phase 2 is arranged 4 high-speed elevator and 2 stairs. And in particular, the apartment here is also arranged 2 balconies and create a space of airy.

Golden An Khanh
Overview of the Golden An Khanh high-end project

The Golden An Khanh Phase 2 is strategically located in Nam An Khanh new urban area, Hoai Duc district. When the new sale, the Golden An Khanh in satge 2 has a price of VND14.8 million / sqm but the current price of the apartment here has increased from VND16 to 17 million/sqmdepending on the area of ​​each apartment from 65 to 91 sqm.

Apartment projects, cheap apartments in real estate in Hanoi have been increasingly developed by the big investors to more robustly meet all needs for customers.

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Real estate projects in Hanoi under vnd20 million / sqm are very much interested to you

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