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Real Estate Transactions Midrange Bustle

Mid-range apartment

Preparing for the last 6 months of the year, the bustling real estate market is back. Businesses boldly accelerated a series of new projects with prices ranging from 23 to 35 million/sqm.

Mid-range apartment
For good price projects, true customer demand, the transaction volume is high

Most notable is the mid-range real estate segment with the transaction is considered quite good, many mid-range projects when launched to the market received by customers.

There are all kinds of real estate from townhouses, land to apartments, villas simultaneously real estate businesses offer. Typically, the Diamond Lotus apartment project of Phuc Khang Company has a selling price of VND34 million per square meter attracting buyers.

According to Truong Anh Tu, Director of Business Development of Phuc Khang Company, although launched in 2016, the project has been interested and traded well.

With the price of VND20 – 25 million / sqm (about VND 1.1 billion / unit), the project of Moonlight Residences (Thu Duc District) of Hung Thinh Company has sold about 70% and continued to be interested in customers.

Besides the apartment segment, the land – the house is also bustling transaction time. At Gia Long Riverside project (Binh Chanh, HCMC) Gia Long Real Estate Company has many customers come to find out.

The project is quite soft, from VND5 million / sqm (about VND370 million / flat). Mr. Van Quyen, head of a trading department of Gia Long Real Estate Company, said that most of the platforms are sold to investors. They will resell or buy to build rental rooms.

You can read more information at Vietnam Real Estate News

It is reported that although it has just announced a month ago, the project has sold about 30% of the total 337 flats.

Mid-range apartment
Medium-term project supply is on the rise

Witnessing the open air sales of real estate businesses in the past time can see the strong interest of customers to the mid-range projects.

A real estate expert commented: “For good price projects, the demand for ownership of customers is very good, each segment has its own customers and the strategy itself is selling. Separate goods to “smoke” the buyer.

The first 6 months have passed, this is also the time that enterprises accelerate to achieve business targets at the end of the year. Accordingly, the products launched on the market are accompanied by aggressive media campaigns and attractive promotions for the product.

In the opening session of the Jamona Golden Silk project, Sacomreal launched a special promotion: offering 17 gold customers when buying a villa. In addition, customers also have the opportunity to give VND40 million and travel in Korean.

Similarly, with policies to help buyers break through the payment schedule and the gifts attached, “Camellia Garden project of Nam Long in District 7  is offered with a price of VND6-12 billion per unit to be receiving interest of the customer.

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