Reasons to get the Gem Riveride apartment Dat Xanh district  2

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh district 2, what is noteworthy, why should you own a private apartment in this place, then the utility here. Is the security system here guaranteed or not?

Yes, that is one of the many questions that customers are very confused, whether to invest or buy an apartment here. With the article below we hope everyone will come up with the most appropriate answers, answer your questions.

Overview of the Gem Riverside project

Each housing project will often have different strengths and weaknesses. However, if a project possesses many of its strengths, it will naturally win the hearts of homebuyers. That is one of the factors that make the success of any project.

Gem Riverside project

The panoramic view of the project when it owns a prime location close to the center of the city

Referring to the Gem Riverside apartment project, one of the most luxurious apartment complexes in District 2, people are impressed with the special features, not in any project.

Who is the investor of this luxury apartment project?

Concerned about any project we must first consider and understand the problem. We must find out who the father of the project. This is Riverside.

Yes, this project was invested by a very powerful corporation that is Dat Xanh Group one of the corporations have been very successful in the field of real estate but also not only in that field corporations also Success in many other fields.

Dat Xanh Real Estate Services and Construction Joint Stock Company was established in 2003. With more than 13 years of dedication in the field of real estate, the corporation is known as previous real estate developer.

Dat Xanh Group

Dat Xanh Group – Gem Riverside has 12 years of prestige in the market

With a strong capital base of up to VND2860 billion, along with abundant human resources and combined with nationwide project development experience, these figures demonstrate the capacity of Dat Xanh Group.

Owning a prime location, along with significant facilities

Follow the flow of the project, knowing who the owner of the project is, then we will explore the location of the project that features what is outstanding.

With the location near the whole district of District 2, bringing the extremely convenient transportation routes and many other facilities outside the area adjacent to the project as.

With just a few minutes of traveling you can travel from one district to another quickly and easily, and people can travel by road to save on the performance of any vehicle. any. Besides, you are also contributing to minimize the pollution of the surrounding atmosphere.

Site map at Gemriverside District 2

Regional link map from Gem Dat Xanh Project

With 5 minutes to move we can go to District 1 of the City, the same is to District 7 thanks to the connection of traffic routes, especially here is a fast connection with the axis of Mai Chi Tho and passing through Thu Thiem Tunnel.

The new urban center Thu Thiem 1km, the project is near the AIG International School, BIS, with the largest park city with a total area of ​​up to 7 hectares. Just a few kilometers from the commercial center is the Vista, Parkason, Metro District 2.

Next to the internal facilities that the project has

No less than the surrounding outskirts, it is even more luxurious and comfortable, with day and night service for customers in the Gem Riverside luxury apartments for residents to take advantage of. Enjoy life as a small European city.

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High-level amenities at Gem Riverside

Interior map of the area and the area adjacent to the project

When the project is deployed for the construction of many facilities, there is a green park along with the beautiful staff of the project, the amusement park, swimming pool standard along with the service. enthusiastic … and above all can not fail to mention is the meticulous in each design.

Security is always guaranteed carefully 24/24 so residents can peace of mind here, in the project is arranged many machines around the corner from the corridor. The security guards are trained regularly.

We think District 2 is a great destination for you.

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