The reasons why you should live in C30 Tan Binh Complex

In urban life full of worries, with many dangers of pollution, security, physical and mental, businessmen or the elite, rich people often come to live in the luxurious condominiums.

However, with officials, workers or staffs, r the salary is only enough for daily expenditure and the money they save is not much. They often need affection, colleagues, so they often gather to a “common house”, C30 Tan Binh complex project which is being implemented will meet the simple living needs for the staff, particularly for the staffs of the Post Office.

The tendency of homebuyers today is to choose projects that are large enough to be able to plan and organize life not only inside and outside of the apartment but also the airy, beautiful, harmony space and creating a lot of relaxing space. This brings them to balance their spiritual life expectancy in the context of working in busy and stressed urban areas.

One investor has suggested that one of the tasks of the project developers is to always explore, learn to aim to a new lifestyle, reasonable for customers, and select, create a suitable living space. In the countries in the region, the condominium model with the organization of advanced and civilized life has grown stronger over the past two decades. Compared with the population and housing demand, Vietnamese cities do not have many high-rise apartment blocks meeting those criteria while Vietnam’s economy is in rapid development period along with rapid urbanization.

In fact, over the past time, in large urban centers in the country, project developers have documented a change in the cultural thinking of a number of the population after a period of time enough for them to be able to experience life in the new style apartment with utilities, security service along with a modern civilized lifestyle. The market is shaping a segment of customers who are increasingly fond of living in well-planned, well-organized and well-managed apartment projects.

The notion of owning a home just to live is no longer important, especially with young families, where their savings for buying house is not much. There have been comments among observers predicting the trend to live in the apartment will continue in the future. Many project developers, including the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Real Estate Company, also believe so.

Grasping that trend, Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Real Estate Company confidently deploys the project complex located at Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 10 and Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. With a large scale, the C30 Complex project has the advantage of developing a residential area that satisfies the above living tendencies.

Coming to C30 Tan Binh Complex in Tan Binh District, the resident community will enjoy a wide range of interior services and facilities. It can be said that this project can serve all the needs from working, playing, shopping, taking care of health, studying.

Moreover, with the location near the green park makes the residents have entertaining area, living community area to help increase solidarity between people, and create fresh air for the whole residential area.

c30 complex Tan Binh

The C30 complex’s location is also convenient.

C30 Complex borders to Bac Hai residence to the East in District 10; borders Ly Thuong Kiet street to the West; borders Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University and the Pharmaceutical Factory to the south; borders the residential area of ​​Ward 6, Tan Binh District to the north.

In addition to technical and social infrastructure conditions that any project directs toward “utility” or “self service” can meet, C30 Tan Binh complex is conveniently located near the green park, and is very convenient with services, including working areas, offices, transaction offices of the Post and Telecommunication sector, specialized services area, high technology areas, public works areas including welfare, education, health facilities …

Not only brings a safe life with many trees surrounding, C30 Tan Binh complex in Ly Thuong Kiet Street also owns a gold location in the district.

With top-level facilities above, C30 Tan Binh Complex will serve the needs of residents’ recreational needs, which are worthy of being the first complex in Tan Binh district.

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