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The reasons you should for investment in Phu Quoc real estate

real estate market Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is also known as Ngoc Island, located in Kien Giang Province. Located on the economic belt of the sea so it is considered the location of gold, convenient to develop into a tourist center, luxury real estate resort.

Profits can be generated daily for hours on the pearl islands.

The potential for economic development from Phu Quoc tourism is enormous thanks to owning many beautiful beaches in the world. Especially, Phu Quoc is planning to become the first special economic zone in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc has everything that people love and feel it is a beautiful island. The first attraction of Phu Quoc is the beauty of itself, this island made the first investors come here in the 2000s just to travel wanted to buy their own piece of long-haul beach Phu Quoc.

Real Estate Market Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is full of factors: long coast, wilderness, large area, near land … to be able to develop economy.

Recognizing the great potential for tourism development in Phu Quoc, the government has been really attracted to Phu Quoc has given preferential treatment and poured thousands of billions of money to invest in construction works. international scale.

On the other hand, it is the domestic investors that will be the largest force to play the biggest role to bring expectations for Phu Quoc to develop and earn profit on the expectations.

The full and safe legal of Phu Quoc real estate.

To attract the interest and investment of domestic and foreign investors, government and authorities in Phu Quoc have created favorable legal conditions for investors when trading or trading. estate in Ngoc island.

All procedures for the certificate of land use rights, red book, construction permit and rental permit will not encounter any difficulties in this phase, so you can completely be assured in terms of legal physical.

The present moment is a golden opportunity to develop real estate Phu Quoc.

According to Decision 633 of the Prime Minister on planning Phu Quoc to 2030 has approved:

– To build a sustainable development of Phu Quoc island and to harmonize economic development with the preservation of historical, cultural and environmental relics.

– To step by step build Phu Quoc into an island sea city, a center of tourism and high-class services of the whole country; Science and technology centers not only in the country but also in Southeast Asia.

Real Estate Market Phu Quoc
Opportunity to develop real estate in Phu Quoc

Infrastructure is increasingly developed with many large projects.

With many special priority mechanisms, only in the last few years, Phu Quoc has signaled a dramatic change in infrastructure before the decision to recognize Phu Quoc as a second class city. year 2014.

Phu Quoc has been building a series of projects with total investment capital up to trillion:

Phu Quoc airport: VND 3,000 billion; Roads: VND 5.776 billion; Traffic: VND 5.776 billion.

In addition, the public transport system is also modern, environmentally friendly and ensures that the travel demand of visitors is being finalized and put into use. In particular, the main types of public transportation include:

+ Tramway of An Thoi – Duong Dong – Suoi Cai; Airport – Bai Truong – An Thoi.

+ Bus and taxi routes along major transport routes, areas and roads around the island serving both residents and tourists.

+ The sea taxi routes around the island link the urban areas with tourist resorts along the coast.

+ River traffic routes: Duong Dong, Cua Can, Rach Vinh Dam, Rach Tram.

Real Estate Market Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc International Airport has been upgraded to better serve the travel of visitors

And here are some of the reasons you should invest in a popular resort in Phu Quoc:

The first is that investment in a second home is not only a trend in Vietnam but also a trend in foreign countries. Therefore, massively invested investors are looking to invest in this market.

Secondly, there are diversified resort projects that are present throughout the country, but are concentrated in hills and especially in coastal areas. These projects are often very profitable because there are always frequent visitors. Especially the sea because it is the choice of many families on holidays or long holidays.

Third: the location of the resort projects are usually the beautiful location, near the sea, welcome fresh air and full facilities. If you choose villa near the sea, the location near the port, airport, highway is always welcome because it will bring high profit for investors.

Fourth: the profit that real estate resort brings is not controversial. Resort products can bring profits up to 10-16% per year. Especially, this product line is always going to increase over time so it can bring profit higher than 16% in the future.

Fifth: the new housing law amendment makes it possible for more and more foreign investors to enter the real estate market in Phu Quoc. Therefore, in the future, the potential of this market is growing.

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The reasons you should for investment in Phu Quoc real estate

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