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Reduced Building Line In Thu Duc District

Thu Duc District

Adjusted routes are Kha Van Can, Dao Trinh, Truong Van Ngu, Doan Cong Hon …

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HCMC People’s Committee has approved the proposal of the Department of Architectural Planning to adjust some contents in some planning projects of Thu Duc district. There is a reduction in the building line in this district.

Specifically, adjusting the road width 15 from Kha Van Can to the end of the road. Road No. 19, from the intersection with Road No. 17 to the end of the road. Road No. 9 from the section adjacent to To Vinh Dien road to the end of the road. The three roads are from 16 m to 12 m.

The road from Kha Van Can to Binh Duong be reduced from 40 m to 20 m. Truong Van Ngu road from Le Van Ninh to Dang Thi Ranh, reduced from 20 m to 12 m.

Road No. 4, from Nguyen Van Lich Street to Linh Tay Synagogue from 20 m to 16 m. Road 13, from Chau Binh to 15 from 20 m to 16 m. Doan Cong Hon Street, from Vo Van Ngan to Ho Van Tu Street from 20 m to 15 m.

Thu Duc District
A number of roads in Thu Duc reduced the road

Kha Van Can street, from Highway 13 to Pham Van Dong road intersection and Road 20 from 60 m to 20 m.

Prior to that, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also approved the zoning plan and adjusted the detailed planning of urban construction at a rate of 1/2000 of the residential area east of Kha Van Can Street, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District… Priority should be given to the high-rises along main roads on Pham Van Dong, Kha Van Can and Linh Trung roads.

At the same time, approval of the zoning plan of 1/2000 scale residential area of Binh Quoi, Linh Dong – Truong Tho and Tam Binh 2, Binh Chieu Ward of Thu Duc District.

Residential area Binh Quoi will prioritize high-rise buildings along main roads such as ring road 2, Pham Van Dong, Kha Van Can. To make full use of available land funds to allocate the area of green parks and sports playgrounds to units in combination with an exploitation of landscapes along existing rivers and canals.

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At the Tam Binh 2 residential area, priority will be given to high-rises along main roads such as provincial road 43, Ngo Chi Quoc street …

Thu Duc District

As such, Thu Duc currently has nearly 20 residential areas such as north of Kha Van Can street in Hiep Binh Chanh – Linh Dong Ward, 130 ha wide, Go Dua – Ben Do bridge in Linh Dong ward – Truong Tho 75 ha Near the center of district in Tam Phu Ward – Linh Dong 120 ha.

To the west of Hanoi Highway in Truong Tho Ward: 30 ha, north of highway 13 in Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, 64 ha, west of Highway 1K of Linh Xuan Ward, 145 ha, Tam Binh District of 47 ha, 105 ha, Khiem Tam of Binh Chieu Ward 114 ha, north of To Ngoc Van Street in Tam Phu Ward – Linh Dong 120 ha.

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