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Reported The Land Fever In District 9 Of Ho Chi Minh City

Price fever in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City

On Lo Lu Road, La Xuan Oai Street in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, the buyers are overwhelmed with attractive offers promising land prices in District 9. It can be said that land fever in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City in the first half of 2017 made the real estate market so boiling.

It is easy to see Lo Lu, Nguyen Xien, La Xuan Oai … have become the focus fever in recent years. Here the employees of the real estate company, “trigger” land, brokerage sales … gathered under the road as going to battle. They took the tables along two sides of the road. In front of the face is the plate of wood, rudimentary information scrambling to sell the project land, apartment, 4 level houses with enough price from VND20-40 million /sqm.

Price fever in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City
Around District 9 full of signs for sale ground project, apartment, house level 4 with enough price from 20-40 million m2

A lot of fever land in District 9

What is the reason that Lo Lu area becomes a hot spot for selling land in District 9? There is nothing more information that the administrative center of District 9 will move to this place in the future.

Lo Lu Road area is particularly noticeable because of its “golden” location: avoiding the multi-car container route, adjacent to La Xuan Oai road, which makes it convenient to move to the center of Thu Duc. Not only that, the area is also favored by infrastructures such as markets, schools and high population density. Not to mention the gathering of projects in the process of construction such as Khang Dien, Nam Long, NHO … will lead to the construction of commercial centers, shopping supermarket … so the land will also be more valuable when selling again.

Stork land to offer the buyer, advertise the price of land from the bar to the bargain, eat the hot spot district 9, reasonable price incentives. But when asked where the land is selling as long as new development as their assertion, the buyer only get the evasive eye.

In the words of this land, the company bought land from people to sell the land price is very cheap. Buyers will pay up to 60% of the value of the lot, go to the company will do paperwork. By the time the buyer completes the procedure, 40% of the balance is due. Many places advertise bank loans worth up to 40%.

Price fever in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City
Lo Lu Road area is especially noticeable because of its “golden” location

Maze land price depressed district 9

According to advertisements of “land of the prosperous land” attractive from the earthen storks, many people also dragged the tow to District 9 to earn a land “pocket money”. In the opinion of many, just buy a frontage price soft price is in the place convenient, can invest in building rental back to the hundreds of millions of dollars a year. However, they came to a place where they had just fallen because of the devastation.

Specifically, the earthen will learn the purpose of buying land of customers, namely to buy land for investment or to earn a living. Although affirming the bright future of the land, but little land encourages people to buy land to live. So when questioned about the development of the land, few people get the answer.

Land price disorder in District 9 is happening everywhere, even up to 5-10 million / m2 difference in the land of the same location. Stunned by the labyrinth of land prices, buyers are forced to squeeze out a reputable real estate firm and have more aftermarket programs than ever before.

Even routes such as Lo Lu, La Xuan Oai are far from the center, but they increase the price of land most powerful. One year ago, the land of District 9 was only 12-15 million VND / m2, and 30-35 million / m2 through 2017.

The fever land in District 9 has stopped boiling

Currently, land fever along Lo Lu Road District 9 has cooled down significantly.

The streets were less hectic, the land was encircled and the transaction was hectic. There are also people who come to ask for information to buy land. Instead, it is a tranquil setting in front of the grounded projects that have been allocated buffaloes and buffaloes.

Price fever in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City
The land fever along Lo Lu Road District 9 has cooled down significantly

Buying land in Ho Chi Minh City is getting hotter than ever because investor psychology believes that investing in this segment is a safe decision, which is easy to say for this segment. However, after discovering that the land was harder to sell than they thought and the need to rent land after construction was not high, investors quickly pulled out of the game.

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Moreover, the media has promoted the information to the people about the current face of land prices, help them recognize the existence of land fever so they will be more careful, patiently waiting for the storm to pass to buy land with real value.

What is the reason for the land fever in Ho Chi Minh City?

The reasons for the land fever in Ho Chi Minh City are generally indicated by Le Van Khoa, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City as follows:

Technical infrastructure, social infrastructure of Ho Chi Minh City implemented and built well, making people’s lives improved. This changes the price of land in the neighborhood.

The media broadcast project information in Can Gio and Cu Chi districts, causing people to be particularly interested in the land in the area, causing land fever.

Long-hanging projects are reviewed and adjusted to return to real value.

Illicit speculators inflate the truth to reap the benefits.

In the long run, the best solution to prevent the earthquake fever as the land fever in District 9 leaders of Ho Chi Minh City must publicize the planning of districts, wards and communes as detailed and easy to understand. the better. Having made the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City transparent, new land stalls do not have the basis to abuse people’s ignorance and launch false land price information, lighting up the land fever.

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