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Risks And Precautions When Buying A House At The End Of The Year

Risks and precautions when buying a house at the end of the year

End of the year is the time when the property market becomes more active, but this is also a potentially risky time for homebuyers to be cautious especially first-time homebuyers. By making the following note, Vietnam real estate will give you peace of mind when buying your house at the end of the year.

How to buy a house at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, the property market is always more active because both buyers and sellers are in great demand. While the developers try to break through the remaining market and sell ready-to-market projects in time for the year, every house buyer wants to have a spacious house for the new year so the demand is very high. Regardless of the property market fluctuations, this is still the time when the sale of the house is exciting compared to the other time of the year.

Why choose to buy a house last year?

Generally, there are three main reasons for buying a house at the end of the year:

Selling price will be attractive: The supply on the market today is creating competitive pressure for investors. According to forecasts from CBRE Vietnam, the supply of apartments in 2017 can reach the 35,000 mark only in Hanoi market, certainly, this figure in the HCMC market is even higher. With the current supply and diversified, apartment prices are forecasted to be very good. This is a favorable factor for homebuyers at this time.

Many real estate experts also advise house buyers to wait until the end of the year because housing prices can be reduced in part.

Risks and precautions when buying a house at the end of the year
End of the year is a good time to buy a home

Many incentives and promotions from investors: With the number of real estate products launched into the market, and to sell goods quickly, investors will have preferential policies to attract customers. Come to your product or project. Therefore, the promotion, great incentives will be greatly opened. This has a positive impact on people’s decision to buy houses and also a favorable factor for them.

There are many options for customers: Also in the context of the market are many projects, many housing products are launched, customers will have more choices: Select the real investor prestige Quality housing products with the best price. The more comparable options, the easier it is for home buyers to buy their home.

The note must know when buying a home at the end of the year

Although the year-end market has many favorable factors for homebuyers, in the context of chaos with too many projects, investors, homebuyers are also very likely to be stuck amidst a myriad of choices and unknown which is the best option.

First note when buying a home last year: sober choice the right project

At the end of the year, home buyers need to be awake to select prestigious projects, should not be “dazzled” before the attractive incentive that forgets the essence of the apartment as progress, legal basis Project management, quality, location. This is reflected in the prestige and potential of the investor, the ability and technical construction of the contractor. Home buyers need to scrutinize these key points to make a purchase decision.

Risks and precautions when buying a house at the end of the year
At the end of the year, homebuyers should be careful to choose a good project with a reputable investor

Second note when buying a home at the end of the year: Be careful with the purchase of 0%

In addition to choosing the right project, customers also need to be careful with the purchase of interest rate 0% or only 6 – 7% within the first year of the investor to attract customers. The truth is that the commitment of property companies help house buyers are financially secure and have more choices. But if you look at it fairly then the owners have all calculated the cost of bearing interest instead of the sales problems as well as the cost of their products. This pushes the price of the product up quite high compared to the real value. Therefore, customers should thoroughly investigate the investor in many aspects before “down the money”.

Risks and precautions when buying a house at the end of the year
Caution with interest rate 0%

Third note when buying a home last year: Caution with the “fever” line

Buy at the end of the year, buyers also need to note that, often at the end of the year, the project owners will be more aggressive in pushing the commodity to cash flow at the end of the year, which, the creation of goods, increase prices “Virtual” can happen. Typically used by developers is to open the project in several installments, with the different number of apartments and higher prices gradually in the next open sales. Thus, customers who intend to invest will find it impatient, thought that the project is attractive to buyers and has sold out the sale open before the new price increases.

Some real estate experts acknowledge the phenomenon of some trading floors shakes hands with investors to push property prices are there. This has led to the fact that in many real estate projects have seen the appearance of the “way” to create the virtual fever, push the price, causing the buyer to fall into “fascinated battle”. Therefore, the buyer should carefully study the project, avoid falling into the “trap price” of investors and real estate floor.

In summary, the end-of-year real estate market is going to benefit both buyers and sellers. Demand for the market is rising sharply with both home and investment buyers. However, with a market where supplies are plentiful today, “power” still belongs to more buyers. Therefore, the buyer needs to consider carefully before the money to buy a home to avoid the case of buying finished to know that they are afraid.

Risks and precautions when buying a house at the end of the year
At the end of the year, homebuyers are easy to “dazzle” with the adventures of selling goods, leading to choose a house with a bad location.

Some other note when buying a house last year

First place: This is the number 1, unmovable because when buying a house then hard to change. A good location must be convenient, transportation links many utilities such as markets, schools, hospitals, close to work …

Second is the selling price and conditions of payment: The price should be reasonably close to the real value of the apartment. This price depends on the location, right in the high-end, middle or low-end segment. The apartment segment is heavily dependent on the project design.

The third is planning and design: Based on the project location, planning and design along with materials will reflect the segment of the project.

Fourth is the quality of the project and the reputation of the investor: The owner must demonstrate professionalism, financial ability and commitment to customers through the development process. If not prestige the project will not be in progress, poor quality will greatly affect the maintenance, warranty, management and operation of the building.

Finally, liquidity is easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to rent: This is a very important factor to verify the decision of the buyer is correct or not. Whether for investment or for rent, the apartment must be easy to rent and lease.

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