“Rock and Water ” Gem Riverside District 2 with impressive design

Gem Riverside District 2 is the next project of “Green Don”  expected to bring the most living space for all residents.

The Gem Riverside project is located in District 2 right next to the Saigon River. The project possesses magnificent views overlooking the park and the blue river and designed as a miniature Europe in the heart of the bustling city. Not only that, Gem Riverside also owns the advantage of being located at the main trading port of the city.

perspective of Gem Riverside

Panoramic view of Gem Riverside project in District 2

What inspired the design of Gem Riverside?

Gem Riverside is designed from the natural wonders of the world – Halong Bay. Because of natural landscape factors blended with the beauty of green river, cool airy. With the desire to bring living space to the perfect, pick up natural light and wind, close to nature and water source, generate gas and attract the fortune for the owner of Gem Riverside.

Gem District 2 is perfectly designed from Singapore’s leading designer

The Gem Riverside project in District 2 was designed and built under the hands of the leading architects at CPG Consultans. This is a contractor from Singapore, the country famous for its many modern, unique and comfortable architecture, outstanding in many countries.

Because of this, Green Land Group has chosen CPG Consultans contractor for Gem Riverside project in District 2 with the goal of “realizing the dream” and creating the project “Halong Bay in the heart of Saigon “

Gem Riverside project

Project Gem Riverside District 2 was designed and built under the hands of the leading architects

Levels of natural space in the heart of the bustling city

Living space Gem Riverside District 2 standard Singapore style with delicate design, class and luxury. Apart from the projects in the same segment, Gem Riverside apartments focus not only on infrastructure but also on top priority to invest in the most natural elements.

Coming to Gem Riverside District 2, residents will not only enjoy the peaceful feeling of the residence but also a resort resort to relax after long days of noisy, hastily. In the area of ​​over 42 hectares, construction density is only about 31%, the remaining area of ​​Gem Riverside is to complete more than 45 luxury interior and green space of nature. With its modern facilities and state-of-the-art facilities, Gem Riverside ensures the most up-to-date, quality living environment for its residents.

swimming pool Gem Riverside

The unique infinity pool is on site at Gem Riverside

Notably, there are some outstanding facilities such as swimming pool, standard water level, resort infinity pool, outdoor movie theater, aerial garden, etc. Gem Riverside District 2. Very well to experience Gem Riverside residents, along with more than 60 facilities around are also plus points of this project.

Gem Riverside apartment is European style luxury and class

Gem Riverside apartment buildings in District 2 are designed in European style with the area of ​​50m2 or more. In order to bring real value as well as lucrative investment demand, Gem Riverside project is focused on the flexibility between the design of the apartment with its own style to suit different needs of the customer.

The project offers a variety of apartment designs and optimal use of space, customers of Gem Riverside can easily choose according to needs:

+ from 96 apartments sky – duplex – villa,

+ 3045 standard apartments (1bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms),

+ 34 penthouses.

Project Gem Riverside

Perspective of Gem Riverside project apartment district 2

In addition, Gem Riverside has an outstanding design is the optimal design:

100% of apartments have logia cool: welcome wind and natural light, bring fresh air from the river into the apartment.

100% of bedrooms have cool windows;

100% sun drying area;

There are 2 corner (3pn) has 3 airy surface;

no apartment with elevator;

not directly facing the door;

short corridor.

Gem Riverside Apartment District 2 will be the ideal choice for people in need of housing in An Phu Ward, District 2.

Handover apartment Gem Riverside District 2

Gem Riverside apartments will be handed over, including Duplex Villa, Penhouse:

Wood flooring;

Brick 60 × 60 or 80 × 80;

Outdoor brick and anti-slip bathroom tiles;

Loggia and yard doors are sliding doors;

Handrail with iron 1.4m high;

Both the ground floor and the mezzanine level (except for garden area).

In addition, the owner of the Gem Riverside apartment is also handed over the house with modern equipment:

Intercom system;

Cards from apartment security;

High quality kitchen hanging cabinets;

Advanced sanitary and electromechanical equipment;

Cabinets standing glass.

Gem Riverside’s quality is ensured by superior building materials

The Gem Riverside apartment project in District 2 uses high-grade building materials from leading brands in the world, bringing together the modern styles such as TOA, Kohler, Legrand, Seamaster, Jotun, ICI, Hansgrohe, Grohe, Schneider Electric, Panasonic …

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The apartments are built with high-grade building materials, are handed over by reputable investors (Dat Xanh Group), … will also be the determinants of high profit value for the Riverside Gem .

Gem Riverside will be a smart choice because customers will have both sustainable and sustainable properties over time and have convenient access to the city center and the provinces. It can be said that Gem Riverside apartment in District 2 is a quality project worthy of residents’ choice and long-term investment.

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