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Who is  Royal Paradise project suitable for?

Royal Paradise project

Royal Paradise apartment is suitable for those objects, the investment profit of apartments for rent in this project is good? View analysis from Realestatevietnam.

How does Royal Paradise cost compared to nearby projects?

The selling price of Royal Paradise apartment is quite attractive, ranging between VND19 – 20 million per sqm plus flexible payment method, which is offered by HD Bank and BIDV. At this price, we can easily give the following results:

  • One bedroom apartment + 1 functional room area 56sqm with the average price from VND1.1 to 1.3 billion / unit (excluding VAT).
  • 2- bedroom apartment + 1 functional room area of ​​70sqm with the price from VND1.3 to 1.5 billion / unit (excluding VAT).
  • Three-bedroom apartment area of ​​90m2 with the price from VND1.7 to 2 billion / unit (excluding VAT).

If compared to the price of the project, the price of the Royal Paradise apartment is very competitive, equivalent to the price of the Vung Tau Regency apartment and 15-25% lower than the two projects Son Thinh Apartment and Blue Sapphire, specifically the sale price of the project as shown below:

The price of the Royal Paradise apartment compared to the neighboring projects
The price of the Royal Paradise apartment compared to the neighboring projects

Who is  Royal Paradise project suitable for?

With prices ranging from VND19 – 20 million / sqm and many facilities outside the quality area can identify the target customers that Royal Paradise project will include:

Low-income clients are working in Vung Tau or working near Vung Tau 20km radius: They may be office workers with a stable income of VND10 million a month, or those who have 2 – 3 years after graduation, wish to have a clean, cool place in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau.

Customers who are engineers, young entrepreneurs, doctors, … living in Ho Chi Minh City: They are looking for a fresh environment, class, full facilities, near the beach to meet with friends and family to relax after stressful working days.

Customers are parents who want to buy an apartment for their children: They may be parents working in state agencies, or retired people with the desired to buy apartments for their childrens.

Customers are the children who want to buy good apartments for their parents for retirement: They can be young entrepreneurs, young doctors, startup entrepreneurs … want to spend money to buy an ideal place for parents when they are old.

Royal Paradise project
Realistic picture of the Royal Paradise project

Overseas Vietnamese are working in Vung Tau or in the area near Vung Tau: Royal Paradise is a good reference for a good settlement near Thuy Van beach in Vung Tau. Ownership of the Royal Paradise apartment will make it easy for residents to travel to their daily workplaces when the roads around the project are very open. If customers have many business projects operating in Vung Tau can also own this apartment to serve his work.

Customers are small real estate investors in the HCMC area who want to buy apartments for rent: Royal Paradise apartment project is not only an ideal residence, this project also attracts attention. This is because of the high density of population and tourists in Vung Tau. Therefore, the potential for renting apartments is quite high. According to the survey, the rent for a two-bedroom apartment in 3/2 street area (Vung Tau) is not less than one million dong on weekdays. At weekends, the price is from VND1.2 to 1.5 million per unit. If only filling capacity is about 60%, investors also easily earn an average of VND20-25 million monthly.

According to Realestatevietnamanalysis, the investment in apartments for rent at Royal Paradise project can yield a profit margin of 6 – 8% per year, in addition it is a stable investment channel for safe and secure. For investors keen, long term vision. However, when investing in apartments in Royal Paradise, customers should also consider choosing apartments with beautiful view to better affordability and higher prices.

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