Saigon An Phu: Will There Be Another SC VivoCity In District 2?

Real estate agents, merchants as well as all customers are anxiously awaiting the launch of Saigon Co.op An Phu. If there is a shake-up between Saigon Co.op and Mapletree, it is believed that there will be a second SC VivoCity in District 2.

Overview of Saigon Co.op An Phu project

Saigon Co.op An Phu was originally named An Phu Complex. This is a complex project of the commercial center, office building and luxury apartment. Location Saigon Co.op An Phu is located in the new urban area An Phu – An Khanh District 2, next to the project Estella Heights and France Institute Minh Dang Quang. This is the central location of a crowded metropolis that is very convenient for commuting and using the facilities of other major buildings in the area.

Saigon An Phu

Perspective of Saigon Co.op An Phu project

The project has a size of 6.9 ha with a total floor area of nearly 350,000m2. It is expected that approximately 4,000 apartments will be built. It is known that Saigon Co.op An Phu will own a complete system of facilities such as high-end commercial center, entertainment services, buying cassava, amusement parks. According to the initial roadmap, this project will be started in April 2012 and completed in 2015. But then it is quiet for a long time. Recently Saigon Co.op An Phu began to signal reboot.

Saigon An Phu

Location of Saigon Co.op An Phu

Saigon Co.op An Phu – The next one of Saigon Co.op and Mapletree

For real estate and business, the names Saigon Co-op and Mapletree have become so familiar. Saigon Co.op is known as the leading retailer in our country, and Mapletree is one of Singapore’s leading real estate investments and management companies.

In the retail market, Saigon Co.op is one of the earliest names. Starting in 1989 when the economy changed from subsidy to the market economy. At that time, the group was called Ho Chi Minh City Cooperative and Buying Cooperative – Saigon Co.op. Over the past 30 years of construction and development, Saigon Co.op has become a powerful corporation with 82 supermarkets including 32 Co.op Mart in Ho Chi Minh City and 50 Co.op Mart in the provinces. in the country. Co.op Mart has become a popular and reliable shopping destination for consumers throughout the country. Nowadays, Saigon Co-op is not only a retailer but also an investment, production, import-export and distribution company.

Saigon An Phu

Co.op Mart supermarket – Prestige brand of Saigon Co.op

Mapletree Group is headquartered in Singapore. The company owns a wide network of offices throughout Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia and the United Kingdom. Entered into the Vietnam market since 2005. So far, the corporation has invested in building a series of large projects such as SC VivoCity in District 7, One Verandah apartment project in District 2 and coming soon. Saigon Co.op An Phu District 2.

The spawning between Saigon Co.op and Mapletree developer bloomed and it was the SC VivoCity shopping mall (District 7) with a total investment of $100 million. A hot project in 2015 and so far is working very efficiently. So when the two big men shook hands to build Saigon Co.op An Phu, people are hoping for a second SC VivoCity right in District 2.

About SC VivoCity (District 7)

As mentioned above, SC VivoCity Mall (District 7) is the first product to mark the successful collaboration of these two big companies. VivoCity was built and put into operation in 2015, the first phase of Saigon South Place commercial complex. The project has an area of 62,000sqm with 5 floors, 2 basements parking, in addition to children’s park and large event hall on the top floor. There is a full range of shopping, dining and entertainment services for all ages from children, teenagers to middle-aged adults. It is home to the famous CGV Cinemas cinema and is also home to some of the world’s best-known …

Saigon An Phu

SC VivoCity Mall District 7

Since its inception, this project has attracted a lot of attention, and up to now, after two years of operation more than 50% of the space has been leased and used by the leading retail brands in our country. There are now more than 150 booths for services, entertainment, retail, spa, dining … opened at SC VivoCity. Just over the beginning of the year, the center has welcomed more than 30 stores opening.

SC VivoCity has become a place of fun, shopping culinary youth love the most Saigon. A meeting point full of utilities that anyone is satisfied.

Saigon Co.op An Phu was born with to SC VivoCity. The location of the project is District 2, a central district with infrastructure facilities … not inferior to District 7. So we can be completely confident that in the near future Saigon Co. op An Phu is also a second Vivocity SC.

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