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Saigon Mystery Villas – investing to high profit in distric 2

Sai Gon Mystery Villas owns a unique position in District 2

Saigon Mystery was launched by Hung Thinh Group in late 2017 and created a high fever in District 2.

Saigon Mystery is receiving the attention of many customers because it possesses outstanding advantages. Customers buy apartments not only to stay but also to invest in profits and investment for the future.

In this article, Real Estate Express we would like to take into account the factors that can increase the value of this product to be able to confirm that the project is the lucrative key district 2 now.

Sai Gon Mystery Villas Property Golden, Convenient Connection

Sai Gon Mystery Villas is located in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the location adjacent to two major rivers, Dong Nai River and Giong Ong River. From this position, the project’s future residents will only take about 15 minutes to reach the center of District 1. Especially, this place has special advantages when connecting with main roads such as: Mai Chi Tho; Dong Van Cong … Important roads and arteries of the region.

Sai Gon Mystery Villas owns a unique position in District 2
Sai Gon Mystery Villas owns a unique position in District 2

Especially, with the ideal location of this Q2 apartment, the residents will have quick access to a range of excellent facilities, such as: foreign schools; medical centers, trade centers; Bank; Supermarkets … meet all needs of residents.

It can be said that position is one of the most important factors when customers want to own a real estate product. This is a factor that makes the attraction of Sai Gon Mystery Villas project compared with other projects in the same area and segment.

High Profitability of Sai Gon Mystery Villas Project District 2

Customers only need to spend 100 million to deposit the apartment project Sai Gon Mystery Villas District 2. And after 7 days customers will officially sign purchase contract, pay the first installment with value 30% of the value of the apartment. For the next 6 payment period, customers only need to pay 10% of GTCH / tranche. Each project is two months apart. And when the eighth time, the customer will receive 8% of the apartment value. Until there is a notice from the investor about the delivery of the Saigon Mystery Villas project, District 2, the customer will only pay the final 2%.

Saigon Mystery Villas have legal security
Investor and prestigious partner of Sai Gon Mystery Villas Project

In addition, the owner also offers attractive discounts to customers when the payment exceeds 50% of the progress will receive a discount of up to 18% for each apartment you own.

It can be seen from the progress of payment and progress of the project has been supported by investors with very good incentives. It should be confirmed that Sai Gon Mystery Villas District 2 is a place full convergence of favorable conditions for you to invest profitably.

Perfect Utilities of Sai Gon Mystery Project District 2

With a spacious amusement park, a perfect service chain, the density of evergreen trees has created a living space that is green, peaceful and airy. The project with splendid apartment buildings combined with modern architecture to create landscape art should meet the best criteria of a quality life; modern architecture; effective in building; friendly and close to the environment.

Swimming Pool Sai Gon Mystery Villas project
Swimming Pool Sai Gon Mystery Villas project modern design in accordance with international standards

Sai Gon Mystery District 2 has many types of products as townhouses, high-end villas receive the special favor of investors. Here with the shopping space; there are green parks covered; playground for children; landscape of artificial lake; sports area … will help bring green space, the highest level for all residents.

With all the above factors, it can be seen that Saigon Mystery District 2 is a place to generate, an attractive resource, a key to effective profit.

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