SaiGon Peninsula Ounty Park Forecast 7

Peninsula project has been named as a super project that will cause a fever in the real estate market by the end of 2016.

SaiGon Peninsula is highly appreciated by experts because of its geomancy position on the total area of 118ha along with a series of systems, advanced service facilities, living environment in harmony with nature. Therefore, Saigon Peninsula promises to be a very ideal place to live in Saigon South.

On August 3, the Saigon Peninsula urban area officially signed the investment cooperation between Van Thinh Phat Group Joint Stock Company and two strategic foreign investment partners, Pavilion Group & Genting Group”. The Saigon Peninsula urban area project, also known as the “Mui Den Do Park Project and Luxury Urban Buildings,” with a total investment of more than $ 6 billion was designed with the motto create modern international architecture style.


– Owner: Van Thinh Phat Group Joint Stock Company

– Strategic Investment Partners: Two foreign investors including Pavilion Group & Genting Group

– Project location: Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

– Official name: Saigon Peninsula

– Total area: 117.8 ha

– Total investment capital: $260.869 ~ $782.609

– Executing units: Posco E & C and Hyundai E & C are the leading construction and engineering companies in Korea.

– Scale of SaiGon Peninsula consists of two main zones: In it

   Multi-purpose mixed-use park: With a total area of 82.1 ha, accounting for 69.7% of the project area.

   + Urban subdivision: With a total area of 35.7 ha, accounting for 30.3% of the project area.

– Type of investment project Sai Gon Peninsula: eco-park, luxury apartment, 5-star hotel, exhibition area, luxury conference, museum, high-end villa area, high class and luxury yacht harbor on the Saigon River.

Saigon Peninsula

Saigon Peninsula Multifunctional Park


The Sai Gon Peninsula project is located in Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, which is considered one of the most important areas to be built and developed to become an urban multi-function model, creating a lifestyle of class, in harmony with nature as well as development and convergence into a modern community, civilized, advanced. Therefore, the project of Saigon Peninsula urban area not only dominates the space of ecology and modern architecture but also possesses a favorable location for road and waterway transportation.

Road traffic connection from Sai Gon Peninsula urban area project:

– Only 5 minutes to Phu My Hung urban area.

– Located less than 800 m from Phu My Bridge, you can easily connect to Thu Thiem, District 2, District 9 and Saigon East.

– Move conveniently through District 5, District 8 through Nguyen Van Linh Street.

– Direct connection via Huynh Tan Phat Street easily to move to Nha Be, Hiep Phuoc and Can Gio areas.

– From Saigon Peninsula project to downtown Saigon District 1 only 10 minutes.

Connect the waterway from Sai Gon Peninsula project.

– Saigon Peninsula Mui Do Red River Park is adjacent to Saigon River and Nha Be River. It is an important shipping route in Saigon and also a gateway connecting Hiep Phuoc Port, Tan Cang – Cat Lai and Tan Cang – Nhon Trach as well as the western provinces.

– International passenger dock located in the planned area – is expected to replace the existing pier located in the center of District 1 and District 4, with modern and synchronous station, capable of receiving International cruise ship 50,000GRT, facilitating domestic and international waterway traffic.


The overall area of the red-light parks and Saigon Peninsula urban area consists of two main functional areas: multi-purpose parks and urban area.

Multifunctional mixed-use park Sai Gon Peninsula

– Saigon Peninsula Red Light Ecological Park is an important type of urban green space developed in the south of the Saigon Peninsula, suitable for individual functions, meeting the needs always development and diversification of residents.

– To ensure sustainable development and conservation of natural landscape values, 70% of the planned land is function park zone, with:

+ Construction density: Only 21%

+ Height: 35 floors

– The function is eco-park – tourist area – culture – entertainment – public (multi-function mixed-use park). In addition to the functions of tourism, entertainment and culture to serve the diverse needs of sightseeing, entertainment and recreation for the people and tourists in and outside the country.

– In addition to the commercial center, office services, high-end apartments, hotel-conference-exhibition area for working and recreation needs, there is also a dedicated park serve for services for scientific research activities and the natural biodiversity of animals and plants.

– In addition, the project Saigon Peninsula District 7 also develops international passenger terminals with the scale up to 4.6ha, estimated length of about 600m. Once completed, it is possible to receive international passengers on trains of up to 50,000 GRT.

Sai Gon Peninsula Project Residential Area

– Being a large-scale project, Saigon Peninsula was built and developed based on the relationship between urban space and nature, creating a multi-functional urban area, an ideal living space to meet the demand most of all about housing, Grade A office, commercial center, tourism, modern entertainment for residents living in Sai Gon Peninsula project.

– Functional area is located in the North of the Saigon Peninsula project, convenient for organizing technical infrastructure, social items such as high-rise residential area (Sai Gon Peninsula high Level, low-rise residential area (townhouse, Saigon Peninsula villa), education, health, eco park …

– Land use criteria:

+ Construction density: 40%

+ Height: 130 floors

Saigon Peninsula Project

Local utility of Saigon Peninsula Project

When completed and put into operation, the Saigon Peninsula project promises to be a crowded, large-scale metropolis. Moreover, the Saigon Peninsula has contributed to change and create Ho Chi Minh City to a new height, improving the material life as well as the spirit of the Saigon people to become better, civilized and more modern.

 .For more information about the project please contact usSaiGon Peninsula Business District 7Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 (24/7)Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh

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