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Saigon real estate: district 4 land prices change day by day

Riva Park project

HCMC real estate market – the decisive place to value

For the real estate market is everywhere and everyone knows. The most important factor and the biggest decision when developing and building a project is the location.

Even, many “big hands” have blood in the consolidation of the goods confirmed. The 3 most important secrets to “buy no interest” are simply position.

Because the location is the prime premise for customers to choose real estate.

Therefore, when looking at the real estate market in District 4, HCMC, you don not need to hesitate and analyze the potential. Just skim through the high-end and luxury projects are growing up in this area. Just point out the top real estate brands in our country here. It is enough to see the continual value of the peninsula only a modest area of ​​4 sqkm.

District 4 apartment
District 4, Ho Chi Minh City is really becoming the hot spot of high-end branded projects

The advantage of District 4 over other parts of the city

From above, District 4 has the shape of a triangle. The three sides are surrounded by rivers and canals. The North West is Ben Nghe canal, the other bank is the heart of district 1.

The Northeast is the Saigon river, the river separates district 4 from District 2. The Thu Thiem new urban area is visually vibrant. With a series of international super-projects are invested.

To the south is the Te Te, which is the boundary with District 7 and with a crowded Phu My Hung – as a “horse”. Paving the way for the new development of the real estate market in Vietnam.

It is the area with the smallest area and the modest population of the city. District 4 used to be an isolated area. Because infrastructure is not connected, transportation with neighboring localities is very difficult.

But now, with so many bridges across the river set up. Made a strong push, turning this island area into a unique “golden triangle” and many aspirations in the heart of Saigon.

The advantage of District 4 over other parts of the city
The bridge is a very important factor that makes island isle like district 4 can develop rushing time

District 4 is in the planning of the city to become a center of stature. Many of these large-scale projects are built of land converted from old port land to land.

Starting from the extension of Nguyen Tat Thanh street from 37m to 41m. To prepare for the relocation project of Khanh Hoi port, creating a premise for the development of a modern urban area. There are tens of hectares running along the river with a length of about 1800m.

At the same time, as a basis for the project to build bridges Thu Thiem 3 and expand, upgrade Ton Dan road smooth implementation. All will make it easy to connect Thu Thiem to the eastern districts. And this is also the real estate for this area can develop further.

If you buy land in District 4 but the style “for tomorrow” will lose the opportunity

Currently, District 4 can receive many sources of investment from the outside because of the synchronous infrastructure despite the increasingly narrow land area. The supply of apartments despite the rapid increase, but always been absorbed by the market as all have a prime location.

The most typical is the Van Don wharf, which is completed with a 25m wide road with 6 lanes to be used in 2013. There are dozens of hundreds of billions of successive projects appearing on this less than 3km road. .

According to experts, the price of apartments in this area has reached the threshold of 50 -70 million/sqm. And will continue to increase non-stop in the coming time.

This situation is also recorded in the Nguyen Tat Thanh street. Crossing the eastern district of District 4 with District 1 and Saigon South. Making the purchase of housing in the heart of many customers becomes very difficult. When the price of real estate increased every day in the style of “hot new today, tomorrow to touch the hand burn”.

Riva Park project
Riva Park can be a rare and affordable project that has a good location in District 4

It can be said that the land in District 4 is now almost “gold net”. The higher the cost of postpartum birth projects. So it is possible to own a high quality and fully furnished apartment in this area with a reasonable price just count on your finger like: Riva Park, The Gold View, Lancaster Lincoln, …

For the purpose of investing to serve the lease, customers can also choose Riva Park. Because this project is located at 3 river frontage, wide view. Especially suitable for the interests of many tenants, will increase the rate of return of assets.

At present, Tien Phat Investment Corporation is opening the sale of the last phase of the project. With many attractive policies such as buying furniture, preferential payments, …

On the other hand, real estate investors “lying area” in District 4 still dreamed of a future. District 4 will be merged with district 1, so that their property will be promoted from “gold to diamond” after only one night.

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Saigon real estate: district 4 land prices change day by day

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