Saigon South Infrastructure develops to promote real estate

HCMC real estate market: South area invested heavily in infrastructure

Many urban upgrading and infrastructure projects will be implemented in the near future. It will help the market of Saigon South as a basis to attract more investment from outside.

Earlier this year, Ho Chi Minh City will launch a series of real estate projects and key roads. The purpose is to help connect Saigon South with the city center.

Highlights will be the bridge Thu Thiem 4, connecting District 2 with District 7. It has a length of nearly 2.2 km, with a total investment capital of VND 5.254 billion. Besides, there is a north-south backbone road linking from Nguyen Van Linh to Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone, with a total investment capital of over VND 4,000 billion.

Thu Thiem Bridge

Major road projects and Thu Thiem 4 bridge will bridge the South with the city center

Investment in integrated urban renewal infrastructure to impress investors

Beside the North-South backbone and Thu Thiem 4 bridge, there are other key projects such as 4A metro line, 5 metro, 2 monorail, Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho, Kenh Te 2 bridge, Binh Tien bridge, …

Especially the ring road project from National Highway 1 to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard. With a total investment of over $ 5 billion will also be deployed in the near future. The mission of the billion dollar route is to connect Saigon South with the city center and neighboring provinces to become easier.

Parallel with the focus on investment in infrastructure more synchronized. The city also deploys in the South the urban embellishment. Renovation of canals, addition of utility projects to community for residents living in the South.

In the area of ​​District 8 and part of Binh Chanh District (adjacent to districts 4, 5, 6, 7) will be the focus of many future projects.

Saigon South Residences project

Saigon South will have a new look with urban refurbishment and infrastructure investment to attract residents as well as investors.

At present, a large corporation in the country is cooperating with Japanese investors. To conduct the survey and planning for the improvement of water environment of Tau Hu – Ben Nghe canal, Duong canal – Te canal.

According to experts, this will bring Sai Gon South a new look, more spacious, better living environment. This will be the premise to attract more residents to live here.

The relationship and the great impact between infrastructure and real estate

Infrastructure and real estate are like two connected vases. Where the development infrastructure, transportation is convenient, the value of real estate there will also rapidly increase.

Therefore, Saigon South is in the “range” of many companies and businesses. With projects ranging from a few hundred to several thousand apartments, to a larger scale than urban areas. Especially in favorable locations, along main roads such as Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Huu Tho, …

Most prominent in this area is the urban Mizuki Park. Cosv with scale of 26 ha led by two leading Japanese real estate developers, Hankyu Realty and Nishi Nippon Railroad, in cooperation with Nam Long Group of Vietnam.

The relationship and the great impact between infrastructure and real estate

The relationship and the great impact between infrastructure and real estate

Located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Mizuki Park is a project of the size of a large urban area. The project will provide approximately 4,676 detached Flora apartments and about 170 townhouses, plus 44 Valora Island villas.

The construction density of the whole project is only 29%. Mizuki Park spends most of its area for natural green and utility systems such as 17,000sqm of canals, more than 40,000sqm of schools, 15,000sqm of trade – services, sports center, 2.5km a 1.4 km bike ride, 103,000 square meters of green space, amusement park, family theme parks, children’s, bonsai, waterfront and sports.

The project is surrounded by a 60m wide Ngang canal and a 20m wide Lao canal. Besides, it is adjacent to the ecological park of 20 hectares. Therefore, the living environment of this urban area is always in harmony with nature, fresh and healthy for the residents.

With such outstanding advantages, the project has attracted the attention of many investors. At the end of November, only 500 apartments of Flora Mizuki were registered. Previously, Mizuki Park’s Valora villa system was rapidly approaching its owners.

Located in the overall urban Mizuki Park, next to the modern common utility system. Residents of Flora Mizuki apartments also have access to exclusive amenities such as canals, canals, shophouses; swimming pool and children; playgrounds for outdoor and indoor children; barbecue area; gym, gym; Recreation room, security, …

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