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SaigonRes Plaza Nguyen Xi Apartment

Saigonres Plaza apartment

SaigonRes Plaza apartment is a congested apartment in Nguyen Xi street in Binh Thanh District. A series of sales executives trading floors with a large number of customers visit the SaigonRes Plaza apartment project, signaling that project will cause turbulent in the area.

This article is to share our impressions of the potential and value of the SaigonRes Nguyen Xi apartment project with the hope to help you have a better view on this new project in Binh Thanh.

SaigonRes Plaza apartment is quite good and potential location. SaigonRes Plaza is located on Nguyen Xi Street, near Red Bridge. This is the main arterial route of Binh Thanh with the role of connecting routes to two important areas of Ho Chi Minh City. From SaigonRes Plaza, you will easily get to Binh Loi street – Tan Son Nhat within only 1.5 km. Thanks to this key route, you can go to the Phu Nhuan, Go Vap and Tan Binh districts within 5 minutes or go to Thu Duc in District 9 also very quickly.

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Saigonres Plaza apartment
Saigonres Plaza is located in front of Nguyen Xi

In addition, according to the planning policy of the city, Nguyen Xí street will connect directly to the Ung Van Khiem – Nguyen Huu Canh road, which will be upgraded to become the most important transport routes in the region. Besides the traffic location, SaigonRes Plaza Binh Thanh Apartment also offers you a fresh living space with cool wind from Sai Gon River and Thanh Da Island.

SaigonRes Plaza apartment impresses with 5 commercial floors

The area of Nguyen Xi street is a newly developed area, so the high-end facilities serving the community is not enough to meet the needs of the people. With the introduction of 5 commercial floors in SaigonRes Plaza, you will use a lot of high-end facilities that residents in the area need in their apartment.

Saigonres Plaza apartment
Saigonres Plaza apartment project is designed from 71 to 87sqm

The most special thing is that the modern CGV cinema has been signed and come into operation immediately after SaigonRes Plaza apartment is handed over. In addition, you can use a wide range of other high-end internal utilities such as supermarkets, gyms, high-end business centers, kindergartens, amusement parks and restaurants.

SaigonRes Nguyen Xí apartment is designed to be suitable for young families. It is designed from 71-87sqm with 2 and 3 bedrooms, this apartment area is quite suitable for family from 4 -6 members.

With a height of 3.1 m, it will create a sense of space in the cool house. SaigonRes Plaza apartments are specially designed with nice view, where you will have an ideal evening relaxing night with extremely beautiful view.

With area of 71 sqm-87 sqm and price from 23 million / sqm, you only need from 1.6 billion to own a luxury apartment in SaigonRes Plaza. With this price, you can see that it is lower than Hyco4 apartment about 3 million / sqm, but Hyco4 apartment has been completed. With the potential development from location to high-end utility, this price is quite good.

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Saigonres Plaza apartment
People use a range of high end amenities such as supermarkets, gyms, commercial centers

Things to keep in mind when buying SaigonRes Plaza:

– SaigonRes Plaza apartment will hand over the house in the second quarter of 2017

– SaigonRes project located in the front of Nguyen Xí street is quite good but because it is the main road, traffic connection is quite crowded.

– If you need an apartment to stay right now, Hyco4 is the choice for you.

– With this price within 4km radius,  you can find more apartments such as Soho, Saigon Land apartments

According to our assessment about SaigonRes Plaza apartment, it is a very worthwhile apartment for you to consider buying for living or investment for rent as well as resale.

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SaigonRes Plaza Nguyen Xi Apartment

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