Sapphire Khang Dien apartment

Sapphire Khang Dien is the second apartment project by Khang Dien investor after the success of Jamila apartment in 2017 in District 9. After Realestatevietnam share their views on the market apartment District 9 and evaluation of apartments Sapphire Khang Dien, Hope you have more useful information to choose products suitable for your family needs.

1. / Apartment market District 9 is still growing well !!!

Passing the price of apartments District 9  from 2014 to early 2018 (Realestatevietnam only consides Phu Huu – Phuoc Long B, adjacent to the District)

In 2014, District 9 apartments priced from VND16 million / sqm – VND19 million / sqm. This time there are not many products. By early 2018, the average price from VND22 million / sqm VND30 million / sqm.
District 9 apartment market has grown very fast in the last 3 years. And many customers fear this market price increase is virtual. To answer the above question, please also Phong Le also assessed the market of apartment District 9 through the following factors:

1. Transport and urban infrastructure:

Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway goes into operation (there are separate lanes for running motorcycles). Time to center has shortened to 15 -20 minutes moving, no worries off the road.
Ring Road 2 – connecting from the high-tech district 9 to Phu My Bridge District 7. This route is a great impact on the economy District 9.
The SamSum plant was operational in June 2016, a milestone for the 9th District’s hi-tech park. According to the plan to 2020, this will be the work of more than 300,000 workers, engineers, experts in the country and abroad.

2. The trend of buying apartments in District 9 of the family is increasing rapidly

Thanks to convenient transportation infrastructure, the price of apartments in this area is also cheap from VND1 billion to VND1.8 billion. Financial range is chosen by many young families.

In addition, the payment method extends along with supporting banks with many preferential policies. Only with a cumulative of about 500 million and income of 30 million can own a billionth apartment in District 9.
This trend will increase as the transport infrastructure and urban infrastructure in this area more synchronized.
So does the market of District 9 apartments grow well? Is the price high? Buy time or wait for a drop. Here are the potential waiters, Realestatevietnam shares to give you a more comprehensive view of the area in the next 2 to 4 years.

The high speed road of Q3 / 1818 was put into operation, connecting District 9 with District 2 is as convenient.
Long street – from Do Xuan Hop to Cat Lai crossroads, right at The Vista apartment. This section runs through the old Rach Chiec Golf Course and SaiGon Sports City. Currently, Keppel Land’s SaiGon Sports City is leveling, so this road will be built soon. When completed, from District 9 on Saigon Bridge shorten to 10-15 minutes to move.
Ring Road 2 closed, from Phu Huu bridge to Binh Thai crossroads.

The second largest urban area of District 2 includes Nam Rach Rachar – Rach Chiec Sports Complex – SaiGon Sports City Project – 300ha project at Rach Chiec Old Golf Course, under construction. The market of District 2 in early 2018 is almost concentrated in this area. Phu Huu – Phuoc Long B is adjacent to this urban cluster.

Hi-tech Park District 9 stepped into the acceleration stage as the SamSung factory phase 2 was in operation, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Fulbright University, Vietjet Aviation Academy was mobilized. Not to mention a series of factories of large corporations in the world such as Intel … are deployed to soon come into operation.

Because Realestatevietnam only considering Phu Huu, Phuoc Long B area, the land fund for development of the apartment area is not much, while the demand for apartments in District 9 is increasing. Some large projects are expected to be implemented in 2018 such as Opal City of Dat Xanh about 3600 products, apartments in River Park of MIK scale about 1000 apartments.

The above is the view of Realestatevietnam apartment market District 9, next Realestatevietnam will go deep evaluation Sapphire apartment – new project of Khang Dien in District 9.

2. / Location of Sapphire project District 9

Location Sapphire Khang Dien is located at 2, Phu Huu District, Phu Huu District.
As Realestatevietnam shared the above, the traffic connection area is very convenient and Sapphire Khang Dien as well. Sapphire Khang Dien -> High speed song -> Mai Chi Tho -> Thu Thiem tunnel: Travel time is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Sapphire Apartment -> Belt 2 -> Phu My Bridge: 10 – 15 minutes traveling time.
Sapphire project District 9 -> High speed bicycles -> Mai Chi Tho -> Saigon Bridge: About 15 – 20 minutes moving.
The project takes only 5 minutes to the large urban cluster in District 2 and the high-tech district 9.
Project location also owns one side of Rach Go Lon, so very cool. Surrounding the project is the villa and high-end townhouse, not panoramic view of the area without worry of being sure.
However, although the Ring Road 2 more than 200m, but in the future, this road is the main road to Container Car to Cat Lai, Phu Huu so smoke and noise will inevitably. Especially the low floor view directly to the inner ring.
Many customers wonder if the latter with the container car? If you work in the center, you go by way of Interfaces and highways Song Hanh, so you will certainly not go with the container.

3. / What are the living utilities in Sapphire Khang Dien?

Realestatevietnam has sold many products of Khang Dien from townhouses, villas and apartments right in District 9. And the impression of the products of this investor is utility and service before and after the project goes into operation very well. Green space is always a strong point in each project of Khang Dien, you can refer to some projects of investors such as Mega Ruby – Mega Residences at the feet of Sapphire, Melosa Garden, Merita, Lucasta Villa.
Some main facilities of Sapphire project in District 9 such as swimming pool at the center of 4 towers, kindergarten, Gym room, Shop
Because Jamila apartment – the first apartment project of Khang Dien, so I do not appreciate much about the utility: Gym center, nursery, shopping center ….

4. / How the Sapphire project investor District 9 financial potential?

Khang Dien – owner of Sapphire apartment district 9. This is a name not strange to customers when interested in buying real estate in District 9. With the outstanding projects: Melita Garden, Merita, Rosita Garden, Lucasta Mansion, The Venica or first apartment Jamila and next Sapphire apartment District 9.
Realestatevietnam experience with this investor:
Quality of quality works
+ Utilities as promised, large green area, reasonable layout should be very open.
+ Get out quick and timely.
+ The projects of townhouses and villas are managed very well, the utilities maintain high quality, so the rent and value added products are maintained through the year.
+ Secondary market is very exciting, some projects like Melosa, Mega Ruby are renting out and buying good resell.
Some of Khang Dien’s strategic partners are: An Phong Construction, Vietcombank, CBER, Ong & Ong.
Check out the video of The Venica villa – a product of Khang Dien in District 9:

5. Preliminary information of Sapphire Khang Dien project

Project name: Sapphire Khang Dien
Investor: Khang Dien
Project scale: 2.7ha
Apartment size: 4 towers with 18 floors, nearly 1300 apartments.
Construction contractor: An Phong
Management Unit: CBER
Construction period: Quarter 2/2018
Handover time: Expected in late 2020

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