“Screening” Of Clean Water Project

The clean water system has invested nearly $364.000 to supply water to nearly 800 households in Tam Xuan commune (Quang Nam province) but only put into use for a while and then it is proposing to dismantle.

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Not happy and then worried

Referring to clean water, many people in Thach Kieu hamlet, Tam Xuan 2 commune are more … annoyed. Formerly, people living along Truong Giang River have to buy clean water in the surrounding area because of the water source in the salty water, so they always wish to have clean water to use.

In 2012, the water supply system in Tam Xuan 2 commune has been approved, invested by Clean Water and Irrigation Consultancy Center of Quang Nam (under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) with the total cost of $364.000, located in Thach Kieu hamlet. Of which, state capital accounted for 55%, the rest is contributed by the people.

Show billions of clean water works


By 2013, the system is completed and put into use, estimated 800 households in the commune benefit.

However, when putting into use for a while, the water is chiseled and contaminated with alum, smells bad. The villagers and commune leaders have made recommendations, but the construction unit still cannot overcome it.

Pham Thi Nga (57 years old, from Thach Kieu hamlet) complains: “When we first built, people were happy to have clean water. It is suspected that when drinking this water is infected with abdominal pain. Not happy and then worried”. This irony situation made her family continue the old “roadmap”: bring plastic canals to get clean water elsewhere for cooking, and well water drilled by her (after filtering) used for washing.

“The building has not given our people a drop of clean water”, Nga said.

Along with the situation, nearly 800 households in the village of households in An Khuong, Ba Bau, An Dong, Vinh An … in Tam Xuan 2 also live abdomen with alkaline water, salty.


Presented at the abandoned clean water plant for many years, we found that two large reservoirs did not have a drop of water. Many plumbing pipes break down and water tanks are degraded. Some devices measure water level and filter water into the tank, the operating system also badly damaged.

According to us, “seeing” the waterworks, Nguyen Duc Pham (60 years old, Thach Kieu village) urged many people are disappointed.

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“Large-scale construction, which is invested hundreds of thousand dollars that people do not have water to use, it is really paradoxical. Every day my family cycles more than 2 km to ask for water to drink”, Dinh said. But not yet, according to Mr. Pham, after the completion of the project, many people in Thach Kieu village also have to pay more money to buy water pipes home”. My family paid $55 for the pipeline, but the water has not come home, the construction has not abandoned”, said Dinh.

Show billions of clean water works


Tran Thanh Xuan, Chairman of People’s Committee of Tam Xuan 2 Commune, said that the water source is not guaranteed because the water supply is too close to the saltwater area. The investment, technology equipment is also lack of synchronism. Local authorities also recommended collecting water from the Phu Ninh lake but investors do not agree, give reasons for lack of funding.

Consequently, the quality water system is very poor, new to use but the water has changed color, salinity. “Unleashed over 4 years, many times, the commune authorities and people sent documents to relevant branches”, Xuan added.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dong, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Tam Xuan 2 Commune said that local authorities did not propose any solutions but strongly recommended to remove the water system. Temporarily, local people use water from Tam Ky Water Plant.

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