Secure design at the Kenton Node project

Apartment, utility system, traffic … at the Kenton Node project built in the direction of ventilation, adapt well to emergency situations.

Representative of Resource Company – Owner Kenton Node Hotel Complex said that besides creating living space, living standard resort 4 stars, the project always set safety standards to the top, shown through the design of apartment and overall project.

The towers have a H-shaped bend, applying the aerodynamic principle and the north-south axis deflection to avoid direct sunlight, noise and wind noise. Floor and apartment design emphasize ventilation. Each floor has typically four four-bedroom apartments or eight two-bedroom apartments. The floors are arranged three lifts, two escalators.

the Kenton Node project

The apartment is separate from the rest of the project, bringing peace of mind to the residents.

All apartments are cornered with 2-4 open air. The open corridor can receive sunlight and rain in front of the house, helping to bring space and adapt well to emergency situations. One of the highlights is that the distance from the apartment to the ladder is no more than 4m.

 Perspective of the three-bedroom apartment at Kenton Node

Perspective of the three-bedroom apartment at Kenton Node, each floor has only four apartments.

 Static traffic space with 6 car parking lots and 10 entrances to the cellar, separating the living space, creating quiet living environment for residents. The car is 6m high, designed in accordance with European standards, contributing to ensure fire safety.

All buildings at Kenton Node are equipped with automatic sprinklers, nozzles and smoke detectors in front of each apartment, corridor and stairs. The designs of walls, walls, fire doors … are focused. In particular, the automatic water injection system is located thick in the basement with the ability to extinguish and isolate the fire spread. The central management system strictly checks and immediately detect technical errors in fire alarms, fire fighting equipment … if any.

The Kenton Node apartments

The Kenton Node apartments are designed to focus on airy and comfortable space, close to nature.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex is located at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7, HCMC. On the area of ​​10.8 ha, the project has a construction density of 23%, area for green space 77%. This is a complex of 9 buildings with 16 towers, including apartments, apartments, hotels, shopping centers, dining and entertainment, theaters, schools, international clinics. There are 288 rooms in the 5-star standard, 586 condotels.

Investors are launching new openings with many incentives. Buyers only need to pay 30% of the value of the apartment, grace period without interest until the house. Along with that is a SJC gold gift when buying a three bedroom apartment and giving the iPhone X to the two-bedroom apartment. It is expected that the complex will be delivered to residents in the second quarter.

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