What do you see from the two latest apartment fire in HCMC?

The most recent apartment fire in HCM City has left more and more psychological panic for people living in apartment buildings across the country. But besides the loss, somewhere reappears the belief in the so-called … apartment.

“The faith is back”

According to Realestatevietnam, the latest fire in PARCSpring Apartment (District 2) occurred around 17:50 on April 1, the flames emanating from an apartment on the 8th floor of the building. The initial cause of the fire was identified as a redundant charger that burns for a long time. People living in this apartment have locked the door away three days. The fire does not cause any personal injury or injury, only damage some items in the apartment is burnt.

PARCSpring is an apartment project of CapitaLand Group from Singapore and managed by PMC. This is the management unit of dozens of apartment and office buildings in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang. The project has been put into use since 2011.

In the wake of the fire, on social networking sites, resident groups (including PARCSpring residents and other residents of the condominium project), instead of complaints, the fears of living in the apartment building In return, the PARCSpring Building Management Board and the owner of the PARCSpring Building were present. These compliments certainly do not help dispel fear and anxiety in the apartment of the majority of people, especially after the fire in apartment District 8 causing many deaths. But, the compliments will help people “restore” some of the belief in apartment, especially the middle-class apartment.

PARCSpring “score” in the eyes of the residents?

According to Realestatevietnam, there are five reasons why PARCSpring apartment received the compliment from many residents after the fire:

First: PARCSpring has a very good fire alarm system

According to a resident of PARCSpring, the buildings and floors of the apartment are equipped with a very good fire alarm and extremely sensitive. As soon as the high temperature area was detected, the fire alarm immediately activated, informing all residents living in the building so that they could move quickly along the escalator.

Resident Nguyen Dinh Uy living on the 12th floor of the PARCSpring apartment, said: When the fire broke out, the alarm bell, he and many residents discovered fire quickly escaped safely by stairs. Fire trucks are also present, about 30 minutes after the fire is completely extinguished.

Another resident of PARCSpring said, “My apartment has a very sensitive bell, and there is a heat map for each apartment, when the smoke alarm is not detected (the detector does not detect smoke) but the temperature There are people who knock on the door when there is a security guard knocking on the door at 11 o’clock, asking if there is any cooking that the central system warns. “

 PARCSpring has a very good fire alarm system

 PARCSpring has a very good fire alarm system

Second: PARCSpring is equipped with state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment and is always in good working order

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In addition to the good fire alarm system, another plus for PARCSpring is that the apartment is fully equipped with fire protection at each floor, including two main equipment: CO2 sprayers and fire hoses. All works well.

“Firefighting equipment in each floor, including CO2 sprayers and fire hoses.” The security man used a local tap to spray the fire while waiting for the fire department to arrive, avoiding fire. Although the fire is quite big in the apartment but firefighters are also using the faucet in place, no need to take the car lift up. “- PARCSpring residents have nick Facebook Nguyen Thuy said.

Third: PARCSpring has a scientific design, multiple exits

As a design, the PARCSpring apartment is U-shaped with 3 blocks of interconnected buildings, thanks to this design, which creates a lot of exits for residents in the event of a fire. In addition, corridors each floor has two windows, the floor should be very airy. If a fire occurs, the residents of PARC Sprint have a variety of escape options, such as if the fire on the floor goes downstairs, if fire floor down, move the escape through the adjacent tower.

Fourth: Fire prevention at PARCSpring is always respected

Many major fire hazards result from stuck door escapes or no signal lights. But this at PARCSPring has been resolved. According to the sharing of residents Nguyen Thuy Nguyen, the escalator stairs at PARCSpring are always well maintained, fire doors only open one way and always closed so no smoke spread.

Fire prevention at PARCPring is always respected

Fire prevention at PARCPring is always respected

Fifth: Professional, dedicated building management

One of the important factors that helped PARCSpring score in the eyes of the residents was the management and protection of the building. The following sharing from PARCSpring residents will show you this:

“The management board is professional, good fire prevention when the fire is very effective treatment.The fire today was well controlled just 5 minutes after the bell (due to home away from home should take 5 minutes to break the door, It’s only two hours after the fire has been processed, and the corridors filled with black smoke and flooded water have been cleaned up to ensure the living of the residents. ” – Share from Nick Facebook Nguyen Thuy.

Facebook Facebook Nguyen Tuan An writes: “Yesterday afternoon my apartment was burnt in an apartment, with Block my house. All are safe thanks to good fire alarm system, fire immediately activated, on-time fire brigade, District 2 fire brigade after 15 minutes, most residents escape by safety escape, not What difficulties? The entire incident was handled and checked quickly, residents back to life immediately after. Thanks to the building management, technical, building protection, the residents have done very well and professional. Thank you, firefighters in District 2. “

Another Facebook nick, Daniel Tran Anh Tuan, said: “At 6:05 pm, when we ran down the hall, we saw the management board and the fire brigade carrying all the fire extinguishers in sight. The management here is too mindful, resting not on their own but all rushed into rescue immediately. By the time the fire engine comes, the fire has been stifled to not spread out.

From the above, it is easy to see the trust of the people in the apartments, especially the middle and high class apartments, have been significantly increased after the PARCSpring fire. Certainly psychological hesitation, hesitant to choose to buy apartments will soon with … thanks PARCSpring.

Things come out after two fire in Ho Chi Minh City

Firstly:the higher the level of the project, the better the work and ability of the local fire department. In addition, high-end apartment is always the investor focus on equipping the most complete and modern fire fighting equipment.

Second: Prestigious investors, professional management will always respect the life of each resident, especially safety. This is also the first criteria you should know when choosing a permanent residence.

Third: The design of condominiums with many exits and interchanges between the towers will help reduce significant human losses while helping to make fire fighting more convenient.

Fourth: One thing we can easily see is that the higher the level, the better the residents. When choosing a condo, you should also consider the community of residents. An apartment building with a civilized, healthy and conscientious community will ensure safely for you.

Fifth: Fires can happen at any time and anywhere, including individual townhouses, low-cost apartments and high-end condominiums. It is important to consider how fire prevention and remediation works there.

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