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Sell Gem Riverside project district 2 with green apartment

Gem Riverside project

Sell ​​ Gem Riverside project District 2 with the unique green apartment, perfect living space.

Ho Chi Minh City, one of the city’s most crowded and crowded cities, has been hit by many negative conditions such as noise pollution, smoke, traffic jams and crowded spaces. All have a great impact on human health. That is also the reason that in recent years, the trend of migration from the center to the surrounding district area is increasing. The location is easy to connect with the center and especially the environment is good, green – clean – beautiful, sufficient facilities will be enough to select customers. Understanding this, the new land investors have launched and opened Gem Riverside District 2 with green apartment system and living space is extremely airy.

Gem Riverside Project
The project of Gem Riverside apartment district 2 is very modern with green trees, green space is extremely airy

Sell Gem Riverside project district 2 with green apartment

Then Dat Xanh owner has built green apartment in the project Gem Riverside District 2 like? Please join us and follow the article immediately.

Located near Thu Thiem new urban area, Nam Rach Chiec urban area owns great advantage of traffic connection and good living environment because there are many green areas. , adjacent to the river and also the area with modern transportation infrastructure development. In the future, about 2-3 years, Nam Rach Chiec urban area promises to be the leading place in District 2.

Nam Rach Chiec urban area has a total area of ​​90.26 ha in An Phu ward, district 2. Thanks to the near year with the highway TP. Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay, Mai Chi Tho, Hanoi Highway, Vo Chi Cong … So from Rach Chiec south to Thu Thiem urban area only takes about 3 minutes, the center of District 1 takes about 10 It takes about 15 minutes to get to District 7. You will also easily move to Binh Thanh in about 10 minutes and move extremely quickly to other residential areas in District 2.

Site map at Gemriverside District 2
The favorable location makes Gem Riverside District 2 link very well with the district, neighboring facilities

In addition, the east of Nam Rach Rach is adjacent to District 9, only about 2km from the hi-tech park making it an ideal place to live with specialists, engineers or workers. At the factory, multinational technology corporation in the high-tech zone.

According to our records, the urban area of ​​Nam Rach Chiec only has a construction density of 21%, with many green areas adjacent to the large river so it has a very good living environment. In addition, Nam Rach Bach has a great potential for development as it is located in a newly developed urban cluster, so in the future it will be a place with synchronous and modern infrastructure. Luxury living gadgets.

Green living habitat at Gem Riverside Project District 2.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the owner of Dat Xanh has launched the project Gem Riverside apartment district 2 right in the center of residential Rach Rach. Gem Riverside District 2 is considered to be an extremely well-off apartment project, invested with a full, high-end, fully-equipped system and inherited all the advantages that South Rach Chiec owned.

The launching of the Gem Riverside luxury apartment project District 2
The launching of the Gem Riverside luxury apartment project District 2

Located in the South Rach Gia residential area, Gem Riverside District 2 is located in a green area, with 2 sides adjacent to Giong Ong To River and Muong Kinh canal for living space in the Gem project. Riverside District 2 is extremely airy, cool and the atmosphere is extremely fresh. With the advantage of green living perfect, Day Xanh Owner has designed 6 apartment towers at Gem Riverside District 2 along the river bank and invested to build riverside park as a playground. BBQ for all future residents. This is also an ideal place for all residents to exercise early in the morning or after work. Every apartment in Gem Riverside district 2, every space is designed with open space so all apartments here are welcome sun and natural wind.

Gem Riverside District 2
Project Gem Riverside District 2 has a very green living space is perfect, fresh and airy

Along with the quality of living environment, Gem Riverside District 2 is also equipped with high-end, modern and self-contained inner-city facilities. Typical of such as: Gym, Yoga, Kindergarten, Shophouse, pool overflowing, commercial center, … All are combined at Gem Riverside District 2 to create a system of utilities inside  extremely well.

Thus, with the perfect green living environment, traffic is easy, surely Gem Riverside District 2 will be the perfect choice for all customers.

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