Selling House With Deferred Payment To Pull Guests

Many businesses are selling thousands of unprompted apartments until they get home, paying for up to six years … Many experts say that only big companies can do so.

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Flexible payment

Him Lam Land has just opened Him Lam Phu An high-end apartments in district 9. 100% of apartments have been booked in just a few hours. There are apartments, 20 customers have to draw to buy.

Him Lam Phu An is from VND1.5 to 1.8 billion and applied deferred policy. Home buyers only pay 45% of the value until they receive the home for a period of two years. The remaining 50% of the value of the apartment will be deferred for the next four years after receiving the property.

“This is a flexible and lengthy payment policy and was first applied by the company, providing easy homeownership opportunities for young people. Special payment policy is suitable for young people who have not accumulated much money, contributing to solving the settlement problem for society, “said Ngo Quang Phuc, Deputy General Director Him Lam Land.

At present, the project has completed the foundation block A and C. Block B and D of Him Lam Phu An project will complete the foundation by the end of this month. Completion time is 24 months. Customers will receive the home in August – 2018.

Similarly, more than 90% of Saigon South Residences apartments of the second phase have been ordered by customers. This time there are 321 apartments C and 80 apartments of building B are open for sale.

Sell a house with a deferred payment

Hundreds of people line up to buy houses at Saigon South Residences

With 2- bedroom apartment, the price is about VND2 billion and this price includes land use fee, maintenance fund, and VAT. At the same time, the owner also offers a convenient payment method to buyers.

Accordingly, customers will receive a payment schedule of 37 – 38 months from the deposit to the receipt of the corresponding amount of 50% of the value of the house. This is the longest payment schedule ever applied by Phu My Hung Corporation.

The deposit period is 15%, divided into 2 periods of 60 days. The purchase contract is signed 6 months later with 5% value. From the time of signing the contract to the time the apartment is handed over at the end of 2019, the total value of 30% payment with an average of VND20 million per month. The remaining 45% will be paid at the time of receiving the house and the final 5% will be paid at the time of receipt of the title.

“Long-term payment, plus the mode divided into several installments and easy bank loans help buyers arrange financial convenience. This is of particular interest for young people who have stable incomes, as detailed as possible in monthly installments, so that they can be actively arranged. ” My Hung said.

For customers who need loans, Phu My Hung Company will support the whole loan interest for buyers in the first two years. In addition, homebuyers are entitled to a grace period of 12 months from the first drawdown.

After the preferential period, the interest rate is calculated according to the formula: 12-month savings interest rate plus the margin of 3.5% per year. Buyers can borrow up to 75% of the contract value for up to 20 years.

The Novaland Group is also applying the 40% payment method at the E Tower, Sunrise Riverside project in Saigon South. In which the first payment 10%, the rest payment 1% / month with the interest rate 0%.

In this project, Novaland also offers customers high-quality kitchen complete package VND100 million, package machine and furniture up to VND67 million

Customers benefit

Talking to reporters, Ngo Quang Phuc said, customers only need VND500 million is very feasible to calculate the purchase of Him Lam Land. In addition to the total value of the house from VND1 to 1.5 billion, the company also introduced the policy of selling goods with methods supported long-term payment. The target audience is young people.

Sell a house with a deferred payment

Him Lam Phu An project will be delivered in August – 2018

“The biggest drawback of young customers is that the initial savings are small, but their advantage is that they are very wealthy. It is rich in health, knowledge, and potential for development. These are the values of trust that young people have. Therefore, long-term payment policy is offered Him Lam Land 6 options for customers to choose, “Phuc said.

Mr. Phuc added that home buyers only pay VND120 million contract home purchase. From this time until receiving the house, customers have to pay VND420 million more in 18 months. Upon receiving the house, customers still have about 50% of the apartment value to pay.

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At the same time, the company supports 2-year zero-coupon or 4-year deferred payment with a fixed interest rate of 6% per annum. Therefore, customers only pay VND12 – 15 million per month to own a house.

Representatives of Phu My Hung said that due to flexible payment methods, many customers want to buy more products for their families to stay together. However, the view of the owner is that many families have the opportunity to enjoy quality living space so the company stipulates that each customer is only allowed to buy an apartment.

Meanwhile, Le Hoang Chau, chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, said that in order to solve the problem of selling goods, prices must be competitive and customers must enjoy many preferences.

“Deferred housing loans are only available to businesses with strong financial backgrounds. At this point, customers easily own the house to settle and investors will accelerate the pace of sales, “Chau said.

In fact, all apartments sold in the first phase of Him Lam Phu An project have been ordered by customers. The Saigon South Residences project, each with thousands of attendees. Through two sales openings have more than 900 apartments have found owners.

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