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Selling Nha Be Apartments At A Cheap Price

apartment in Nha Be District

Owning a cheap Nha Be apartment, beautiful location, a quality guarantee is the dream of many people today. With the fever of apartments in Saigon, the supply does not meet the demand so can you find a desired apartment that affordable?

Nha Be is a familiar name of people living in Saigon. With an important strategic position, along with good infrastructure, convenient transportation, Nha Be always the focus of high-end apartment complex projects. The project sprouts up here with more and more reasonable prices and the quality of apartments are guaranteed as well. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on cheap apartments in Nha Be right now.

Possession of luxury apartment in Nha Be

Nha Be has a system of rivers that is very convenient for transportation network to everywhere. As a result, it has opened up the possibility of building a deep-water port with a large area near the city center, so Nha Be always enjoys many advantages. The apartment projects are built to provide real estate market such as Kenton Node, VinCity, The Star Village, Hung Phat… are special interest real estate.

apartment in Nha Be District
Cheap Nha Be Apartments

Nha Be luxury apartment is invested with modern design, luxurious furniture, fully furnished. All offer a very special interior space. In addition, the space around the apartments is also specially built with cool space, covered with many green trees bring a fresh, cool atmosphere. It is suitable for families to rest and relax after a hard working day.

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The facilities surrounding the apartment in Nha Be area are also fully equipped with facilities that are easy for residents to move around. The residents just steps away from the apartment to get the right things they need when the place is full of mall, shopping centers, parks, schools, hospitals, spa, cafe… Just a short walk to the places you want to visit. Security in the apartments is also guaranteed 24/7.

The price in each apartment in Nha Be district is very reasonable. Investors always offer the most special preferences to their customers so you can be assured of the price of each apartment here.

Possession Kenton apartment – the dream of many people

apartment in Nha Be District
Kenton Residence apartment in Nha Be District

Owning apartments in District 7 is the dream of many people. An apartment with beautiful location, convenient for traveling and airy space is very few places are equal to Kenton Node. Kenton Node apartment owns a geodesic location at 116A, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien ward, Nha Be district, with a total area of 10.8 ha. A total of 3,000 apartments and 800 hotels – condotel are designed with 1-3 bedrooms each with space ranging from 61 to 145sqm.

Kenton Node owns more than 50 high-end local amenities such as a commercial shophouse, hotel, office, hospital, school, amusement park, theater, spa, cafe… You and your family do not have to travel too far to the places you need to visit.

Kenton project investors understand the aspirations of many customers with the design architecture of apartments 1-3 bedrooms to suit the living needs of each household. Luxurious, modern furniture gives you the most enjoyable life.

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Selling Nha Be Apartments At A Cheap Price

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