Selling SaFira Khang Dien: Preferred reservation number is preferred

Many investors in the market today apply two ways of selling: sale in the form of lottery to select the basis and sell in the form of priority booking order number early. With SaFira project, Khang Dien investor is adopting the second method.

To better understand the two common selling methods, Realestatevietnam will give you some advantages and disadvantages.

For the form of draw for the right to choose the basis

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is hot with demand for speculation and investment. The demand for apartments at the peak led to many investors have to organize the draw, the base. For many years, the market has been quiet so this phenomenon is absent.

By 2016, the real estate market will gradually stabilize, good liquidity, the phenomenon of buying apartments in the form of drawbacks appear again in some projects with good sale prices, beautiful location and the head prestige. Even some projects have very high “fighting” rate, up to 1 to 5, 1 to 7, 1 to 10 …

The right to buy a home depends on the luck of the customer

The right to buy a home depends on the luck of the customer

For example, a project located in the center of District 2 has a high selling price of over VND50 million / sqm, the whole project has only a few hundred units, but the number of people who want to buy up to thousands. Thus, in a few buyers will only one hit.

According to the share of a land investor in Ho Chi Minh City, the chances of “winning” when attracting a good price project, the position is too low because of the amount of files submitted to investors, the rate “Shuffle” should be 1 out of 4, even higher. This shows that the demand for apartment type good price, reputable investors still very high.

For the preferred form of reservation order number from small to large

In addition to the form of purchase drawbacks such as Realestatevietnam mentioned above, the form of sale by priority number (booking) from small to large are also many investors apply. For example, in the SaFira project is open for sale, Khang Dien investors also apply the form of sales numbers in order to reserve space from small to large. Specifically, before the opening day of the project, the customer will place a reservation to get the priority number, the sooner place booking, the higher the purchase rate of apartments and customers have more variety of options and Easy to buy beautiful home.

Perspective of SaFira Khang Dien project

Perspective of SaFira Khang Dien project

Representative of Khang Dien donates flowers to Realestatevietnam representative and strategic partners distribute SaFira project.

The obvious advantage of this form of comparison with a lottery is that it does not rely too much on the luck of the customer, in fact it depends on whether the customer buys early or buys late. In addition, first-time booking customers will also have the opportunity to choose a good apartment according to their preferences, needs, and what customers are late to purchase.


 In case you are a customer of SaFira Khang Dien apartment, you should reserve your seat as soon as possible to receive the priority order number. At that time, you have the right to self-determination and easily get the funds to invest.

In case you want to buy SaFira apartment to stay, you should also place early booking to be selected based on preferences, needs.

Over here, Realestatevietnam has introduced to customers two ways of selling the most project investors apply today. Each form will have different advantages – disadvantages, customers should consider and thoroughly know how to sell the project that he is interested in to buy a reasonable time.

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