Serenity Sky Villa – The Most Prestigious In The Center In District 3

Serenity Sky Villas apartment is considered the most prestigious villa in the centre in District 3

Recently, the project investor Son Kim Land has launched a super great product in Ho Chi Minh City, causing all the attention to the influx of apartments in the air, villas project prestigious. This is called: “Serenity Sky Villas”.

So what is the difference between Serenity Sky Villas and the Ho Chi Minh City? We will learn soon after this article offline

What should you know about Serenity Sky Villas?

The project Serenity Sky Villas villa was built and developed by the owner Son Kim Land consists of 45 luxury apartments and high-end from 1 to 4 bedrooms and Penthouse.

Inspired by the tropical airy villas, each Serenity Sky Villas has a private garden and pool. Here the green area is also maximized in design, each resident can fresh air natural anywhere in the apartment. Serenity Sky Villas is expected to provide the upper class with a luxurious, comfortable living space and enhance the mood of modern living.

Where is the location of Serenity Sky Villas?

Serenity Sky Villas is located right next to the center of District 1. Thanks to this prime location, Serenity Sky Villas offers great convenience experiences along with the most convenient transportation.

The difference makes Serenity Sky Villas class.

With only 45 villas in total, this villa is not for the masses, which promises to give the Vietnamese real estate market a new concept of air space with the unique architecture. And so Serenity Sky Villas will contribute to create a new standard for luxury apartments in the era of Vietnam is increasingly modernizing as it is now.

The Serenity Sky Villas’ unique feature is that it offers outstanding amenities and unique style of design, including:

– Each apartment at Serenity Sky Villas has an elevator, private pool, a small garden and a cool balcony. And all the villas have open-plan villas. Not only that, each villa has a private garage that makes it convenient for the residents.

– Especially in the design of the villas, the design of the rooms is very unique. Living room floor, dining room is always airy, the bedroom has a wall cabinet.

In addition, the interior of the villas is selected and the design is very detailed and meticulous. Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens have marble floors.

All kitchen appliances are fully equipped with machines and equipment such as: smoke extractor, microwave oven, oven … from the most reputable suppliers. Sanitary wares as well as bathroom accessories are also available from well-known brands. All of them create a very modern, smart villa that is very airy to satisfy all customers even the most difficult.

Serenity Sky Villa

Modern luxury furniture at Serenity Sky Villa apartment in District 3


What is the number of apartments in Serenity Sky Villas?

At Serenity Sky Villas there are all 45 villas with:

One bedroom apartment consists of 2 units: This type of apartment is suitable for newlywed couples or businessmen with only one or two people.

2-bedroom apartment consists of 10 units: this type of apartment is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members because of the airy space of the apartment.

Next is the three bedroom apartment, which consists of 23 apartments this type is suitable for families with about 5 members.

Next is the 4-bedroom apartment which consists of 6 units, Garden Villa with 1 unit and Penthouse with 3 units. These types of apartments will give every resident a comfortable space and the best utilities.

Serenity Sky Villas is one of the most prestigious villas in Ho Chi Minh City. So who made Serenity Sky Villas?

The owner of the Serenity Sky Villas project is Son Kim Land, a leading real estate development and investment company.

Son Kim Land has offices in Ho Chi Minh City. With a business strategy that is focused on the luxury real estate projects, make a difference in the lifestyle of the class for all customers. So far it can be said that SonKim Land was somewhat of an alcoholic in that business strategy.

There are some projects SonKim Land has invested such as: The Nassim (HCMC), Gateway Thao Dien (HCMC), Empress Tower (HCMC), Indochine building (HCMC), Blue Resort (Binh Thuan), Sentinel Place (Hanoi) and some other projects. With the experience as well as reputation of SonKim Land mentioned above, the creation of a Serenity Sky Villas the most prestigious Ho Chi Minh City is no longer a surprise too is not it.

Come to Serenity Sky Villas to experience the luxury and luxury of the upper class.

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