Seven-acre coconut forest – a new tourist destination in Quang Nam Province

7 acres coconut forest – A tourist address has become familiar to many visitors near and far.

7 acres of coconut forest – The mangrove ecosystem is located near Cua Dai

Located on Village 2 and Village 3, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province. Located about 3km south-east of the ancient town of Hoi An, there are about 7 acres of coconut water, so it’s called the 7-acre coconut forest, which has grown to nearly double.

7 acres of coconut forest

7 acres of coconut forest – The mangrove ecosystem is located near Cua Dai

In addition, this place is also a revolutionary base famous and unique during the war. Due to the large space, the army and people of Hoi An were chosen as revolutionary bases in the anti-French and anti-American wars. Perhaps, the coconut forest is associated with the heroic page, the resounding victory of the army and the people of Hoi An in particular and Quang Nam province in general.

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The forest is a mangrove ecological area near Cua Dai so it is rich in botanical and brackish water. When tides on fish, shrimp, crab, … are focused on here to feed, the birds to reproduce. As the tide began to descend, this place left little creeks, shallow water, only to see the animals rushed back and forth to make the search is extremely interesting.

the Seven Sample Forest

Fly on the water, participate in activities in the Seven Sample Forest

From Bach Dang pier located in the ancient town of Hoi An, running down the river, the boat will take visitors to the Bay Mau coconut forest. With soaring coconut leaves, small boats drove the visitors gently drifting in the air with inspirational space. Peaceful, noisy, noisy place like the city, to help you get the most comfortable moments after the days are tired.

Change and development

In the past, there were about 7 freshwater coconuts growing in this area.

Today, after experiencing the ups and downs of history, the forest of Seven Samples still shows up with a green beauty ngut thousands, creating a new identity in the tourism culture of Quang Nam.

If you have the opportunity to visit the coconut forest, especially around the eighth lunar month, visitors will be admired the vast coconut water is entering the fruit season. Visitors can pick the most delicious coconut to bring their own relatives. Here, you also have the opportunity to visit the coconut village – a small village located in the middle of the coconut forest.

AFor a long time, people in the village of coconuts are living on the shelter of coconut forest. Before the strong waves of the tide, coconut forest is like a large wall, shielding firmly. In addition, coconut forest also provides materials to help them have houses for sunshades, rain cover, or daily living utensils made of coconut, … Coconut forests also bring people Here the income from the economy due to the demand for using products made from coconut is increasing.

According to the commune officials, coconut water cultivation is a long tradition in Cam Thanh commune. Coconut water products in Cam Thanh are popular in many places and are trusted because of their durability and beautiful design. Customers are now not only the farmers but also the owners of restaurants, travel businesses everywhere to find here to order.

Thanks to the beauty and fresh green space of the Bay Mau coconut forest, the famous coconut village is located in the middle of the coconut forest, while also capturing the need for new homestay. Visitors, Quang Nam province has also been investing in development of Bay Mau coconut forest to become an attractive tourist destination.

Some more information about the Seven acres Coconut forest

The popularity of coconut forest has attracted many visitors to this place every year. Not only the visitors love the beauty, want to see the green space that is also a favorite destination for visitors who love to explore, discover the beauty of Vietnam.

Breaking the beauty of culture in Quang Nam

Breaking the beauty of culture in Quang Nam

Some information about coconut has been explored to be able to introduce to everyone as: Coconut water is a higher plant species, live and grow all year round in water environment. In low lying waters, lowland coconut water streams have a seagrass ecosystem – a unique ecosystem in wetlands. The area is home to many valuable marine species, most notably shrimp, crabs, crabs and molluscs.

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In addition, the mangroves ecosystem acts as a biological filter, which accumulates and decays many types of waste, deposits sediments, purifies the water before it returns to immense sea.

7 acres coconut forest along with other mangrove forests in neighboring communes such as Cam An, Cua Dai, Cam Chau (Hoi An) and the seaport from Cu Lao Cham to the mainland has formed a corridor connecting At the bottom of the Thu Bon river with a large outer islands. It has the function of restoring riverine ecosystems throughout the region.

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