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Shop-villa: commercial model inside the center of urban area

An Phu Shop-Villa

Shop-villas located in the modern urban areas with the optimizing design, rightly capturing the customers’ needs are creating new investment trends in real estate market, bringing classy business solutions among civilized community.

The shophouse is a typical architectural beauty of Singaporeans. To be constructed between the 1840s and the 1960s, a shophouse had at least two floors, the ground floor is for business purposes, and the upper one is dedicated for family.

Shophouse design style is increasingly popular in countries around the world, including Vietnam. Specially, shophouse is located in populated areas, urban areas with commercial centers and green interspersed space.

Compared with traditional townhouses, the shophouse model is superior thanks to its synchronous infrastructure, the diverse customer source of the commercial center and the residents of the urban area itself.

Being innovated compared to shophouse model, Nam Cuong Group has launched An Phu shop-villas, a new model meeting the needs of leapfrog investors with many outstanding features, an effective solution for business models and synchronous utilities aiming at customers of high-end segment.

Pioneering for shop-villa model in Vietnam, An Phu Shop-villa is located in the Duong Noi modern urban area​​, which is far superior to the existing shophouse model in the market.

Catching up with the needs of the future, CPG Consultants Singapore’s leading architects have created An Phu Shop-villa to become an ideal space that combines two functions: business and family activities.

Each shop-villa is designed modernly with 3 airy floors receiving sun light, naturals wind with the land area from 161m2 – 202m2, in which the entire ground floor is designed flexibly, optimized for business demand.

Located on the main road of 27m, 9m of the front, An Phu Shop-villa owner can easily expand their existing business or sub-lease space to exploit the value of investment property, earning monthly profits on a regular basis. This place will convene all the famous global brands, promising to bring customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

An Phu Shop-villa is constructed basing on the modern idea of ​​the combination between residential and commercial center to help customers easily do shopping without losing traveling time, just “one step to the shop town”.

In addition to that, the “villa” living style with spacious shady yard with a typical walkway harmoniously combined with the design of An Phu Shop-villa.

When owning a shop- villa, residents can enjoy all local and exterior facilities such as Le Quy Don modern standardized school system from kindergarten to primary school, Nam Cuong international hospital, Aeon Mall, First Astronomical Park in Southeast Asia …

It is known that from June 19 to October 30, 2017, Nam Cuong will donate a diamond worth VND 110 million to the first 30 customers successfully owned An Phu Shop-villa. In addition, the owner also applies a discount rate of up to 4.5% depending on payment schedule, 0% interest rate support and 15-month grace period.

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With modern shop-villa model in Duong Noi urban area, the business method in Hanoi has been raised to a new height while maintaining the traditional business model as well as ensuring a luxurious and convenient life for the civilized and classy community.

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