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Shortage Of Capital To Build $478,260,870 Museums The Ministry Of Construction Proposed To The Prime Minister

The capital built museum 11,000 billion

In the document sent to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Construction said the investment project to build National Museum of History began to implement from 2017. So far, the project has basically completed the preparation of investment and a number of tasks in the investment implementation stage, including the work of site clearance.

Due to the difficulty of allocating funds, the project has been delayed several times since 2014. To resolve the difficulties for the project, at the Government Standing Meeting on 13/8/2015, the Prime Minister concluded: “The investment in the construction of the National History Museum is a policy of the Party and the Government since 2005 to preserve and promote the values of the nation’s history and traditions to meet the needs of economic development, culture, and society of the country”.

According to the Ministry of Construction, although the ministries concerned have repeatedly proposed, however, up to now, funding for investment preparation for 2015, 2016, 2017 and the medium-term funding plan 2016 – 2020 is still not arranged.

The Project Management Boards (including the Content Building Board and the Exhibition Format under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) have no funding to maintain operations and payment of wages and social insurance for officers.

The capital built museum 11,000 billion
National Museum scale

Even funding for contractors is not available under the contract (including the contract with Nikken – Sekkei, Japan) as well as other project implementation. Ready to kick off the project in 2021 under the direction of the Prime Minister at the Government Standing Meeting on 13/8/2015.

Facing such difficulties, the Ministry of Construction proposed 2 ideas to solve problems.

Firstly, consolidate and hold the meeting of the State Steering Committee to build the National History Museum to listen to relevant Ministries reporting on the implementation situation and guide the direction of removing difficulties and problems.

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Secondly, direct relevant ministries and sectors to continue implementing the Prime Minister’s conclusion at the Permanent Meeting of the Government dated 13/8/2015 on the investment project for the construction of the National Museum of History.

National Museum of History has a total investment of nearly $ 565,217,390; excluding the cost of the investment component construction content and form of display.

The project was built in the land square No.7 of the new urban area west of Ho Tay, Hanoi with the total area of nearly 10 hectares, including four construction items: Main building, a memorial area, outdoor display area, auxiliary technical items – trees – landscape.

Particularly, the main building was built on more than 20,000 square meters of land, a basement and 6 stories, including a store of artifacts over time; preservation and restoration center; Conference halls, conference rooms, movie screenings for study…

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