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Should buy a delivery of bare-shell unit?

the apartment delivered roughly

With a delivery of bare-shell unit, you are not only cheap but also designed as you want. However, you should note the following when buying a delivery of bare-shell unit.

What is it called delivery of bare-shell unit?

The delivery of bare-shell unit consists of the essential core of a standard apartment, but does not have the complete parts such as paint, water, ceiling, wood flooring, electrical equipment … However, It does not mean that the interior of the apartment is empty, but that the apartment still follows the standard design and will have the following sections:

  • There are outside walls and windows fixed and can not be edited
  • The gene box (electrical, water box) goes from bottom to top and can not be edited
  • The balcony is finished and remains the same design, can not be modified
  • Plumbing Suspension and wall wiring
  • Wall dividers made of brick are available electric wall
  • Ceiling floor
  • The sanitary facilities are available with hot and cold water pipes and piping systems
  • The drying room has a piping system available for hot air conditioning
The apartment is usually cheaper than the delivery of the apartment
The apartment is usually cheaper than the delivery of the apartment

The pros and cons of the apartment delivered roughly

The advantages of the delivery of bare-shell unit: The price of rough coral is cheaper than the average completed apartment from VND2 to 5 million / sqm depending on the project and each location. In addition, with the apartment handover rough, homeowners can easily design, decorate, arrange the furniture according to their own wishes. In particular, due to being stripped of furniture from the value of the apartment, the sale price will be lower, buyers can access some preferential credit packages limit the amount of loan. The initial fee paid to the developer (usually 30% of the value of the apartment) will also be significantly reduced.

Disadvantages of the rough delivery apartment: The rough apartment consists of two types. The first one is the apartment with only the frame, doors, water lines; The surrounding walls are just covered with paint, not painted, have not yet been laid floor, have not split room, there are not any other utilities inside. The second type is a rough apartment with walls divided between areas.

The advantage of a raw apartment is that the host can freely design, arrange the area as desired, preferences; But this can also become a disadvantage for those who are not knowledgeable in the field of design and construction. If you choose a raw apartment, you will “buy” more worry and strenuous, time consuming. More specifically, you will find it difficult to measure the costs of surveying, designing, estimating, purchasing construction materials, construction work, transportation, time to spend. construction supervision, etc. You also have to strictly comply with the construction regulations of the building such as only allow use of this building materials without permission to use other materials, only repair home during the working hours to not affect People around or troublesome when requesting papers to ship goods to the home, delivery of goods.

the apartment delivered roughly
the apartment delivered roughly

Realestatevietnam advice is for you when buying a delivery of bare-shell unit

A delivery of bare-shell units have the advantage of price, suitable for families who are choosing the best financial plan or families who have the idea of ​​interior design, want to live on the plan of living space for whole family (especially the high-end apartments such as Penthouse, Villa, Duplex). This option will take time to prepare for design, construction, interior design, cleaning and finance. Also, if you and your family want a place to move in, do not choose this option.

If you have good financial resources, knowledgeable and experienced in home repair, or have an acquaintance of people designing, building, raw apartments will be an appropriate option. If you have no experience, but you still want to buy a flat, first you need to list the main needs to be able to choose the right apartment but only have to fix the minimum. Contact the owner to inquire about: the rules for the completion of the apartment; drawings of the electricity system of the apartment; the level is built. You also need to consult with experienced architects in this area and figure out some alternatives to format your apartment, meaning that with the location and shape of the structure, can be divided to meet the family needs or not.

Although customers can customize the interior according to their preferences, but only complete some items such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, sanitary equipment … not to complete the parts of the house that should be. is the responsibility of the owner. The completion of the parts related to the structure, electricity and water system will affect the safety, quality of the home, causing fire risk.

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Should buy a delivery of bare-shell unit?

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