Should invest in An Phu Raemian Galaxy project?

Is investing in the Raemian Galaxy City project safe? Raemian City should be invested? These are questions that any investor wonders.

If you want to invest in a safe and high-potential real estate project, Raemian Galaxy is one of the most successful luxury apartment segment in District 2. This is a wise and secure decision. For the reason why, refer to the information below, please.

Express Real Estate and associates would like to share with you some good reasons. This information is aggregated and analyzed from a variety of sources. So the news is very objective and useful. Specifically, the criteria for the safety of investing in Raemian Galaxy are as follows:

Raemian Galaxy is developed by the famous unit:

Reputation from the investment and development unit of the Raemian Galaxy project is the first element that assures the quality, as well as the safety of the building to investors.

In particular, Raemian Galaxy is the result of the good cooperation of two leading real estate agencies in Vietnam, namely, HDTC and Delta Contractors (Delta Civil & Industrial Construction Co., Ltd)

– HDTC: This is a 100% state-owned company, formerly called “House Management Board” under the Department of Land and Public Works. After renaming and merging over the period from 1984 to December 02, 2005, JSC was officially established under Decision No. 6110 / QD-UBND of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. The current charter capital of HDTC has reached 2,241,900,000,000,000VND, fully and surplus financial potential for the deployment of large-scale projects such as Raemian Galaxy. Not only that, as a 100% state owned company, the reputation of HDTC is guaranteed, meaning the quality of the Raemian Galaxy is also firmly committed.

– Delta Contractors: The company was established in 1993, is the leading professional construction company in Vietnam. The Delta projects are large scale works, high requirements both aesthetics and quality. Throughout the operation, this contractor has been carrying out many construction projects nationwide. The most distinctive feature is Delta, which specializes in foundation and deep basement.

The two famous units, long-term experience and outstanding reputation gathered together, too obvious to confirm the outstanding quality of the Raemian Galaxy.

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Preferred location offers high potential value for Raemian Galaxy City:

Besides that, Raemian Galaxy also represents a safe project for investors when it is built on the land of favorable land level of the East region.

Accordingly, Raemian Galaxy is not only planned on a land of 131 hectares in An Phu – An Khanh ward between Saigon, but the project is also very close to the city center by direct connection with a series of key transportation items. Only the main routes such as Luong Dinh Cua, Mai Chi Tho, Hanoi Highway, Song Hanh … surrounding the Raemian Galaxy alone is enough to see the favorable traffic value of this one.

The price of this area has continuously been rising, in the future real estate here will grow faster and not reduce heat. So when investing in the Raemian Galaxy, you are investing in the “Golden Mountain”.

All worries about the “virtual fever” is never going to happen, because the HDTC – 100% state owned investor – and it locations has been assured.

Other beneficial elements:

In addition to the great elements, Raemian Galaxy District 2 also become more attractive in the eyes of investors thanks to the following highlights:

– The area of apartment is small, diverse, whether the single, family or crowded members can choose the right apartment in the moderate price range.

– The space around the project is open, not only near the river but also covered by the system of cool green park so the air is always fresh. This is a small advantage, but very easy to “attract” the Saigon residents.

– Raemian Galaxy apartment is invested in finishing interior, full options of imported high-end equipment. Taking over the house or renting immediately without additional adjustment cost or additional investment.

– Raemian Galaxy price is at reasonable rates, the bank backed loans under attractive financial packages with low interest rates in 20 years. Thus, just a steady income and love to Raemian Galaxy, you can easily own the apartment. With the analysis above, Raemian Galaxy is really a safe investment project.

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