Should Small House Put High Ceiling?

It can be said that some large public works such as theaters, conference rooms, churches … will really look more extensive and impressive if they are designed with high ceilings. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to have private houses that are not large in size but designed with high ceilings. Here are some reasons why you should not put a high ceiling on a small home:

High ceilings are not suitable for small houses

If your home has a modest area of only a few dozen square meters but you do ceiling as high as 4m or more, this can make the space of the home feel narrowed, the reason is that your eyes will be affected.

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Expensive building materials, electricity costs

The higher you build the ceiling, the more money to buy bricks, paint and stairs will cost. In addition, you will also have to install larger capacity air conditioners, increase the number of lights.

Small house should be high ceiling

Small high ceiling will make the space colder

High ceiling makes the house feel cold

Whether the home is large or narrow, if the ceiling is too high, it will be difficult to create the necessary warm feeling. You can also use brightly colored paint, or add splendid chandeliers to overcome this drawback.

High ceilings make it harder to fix

When the lights burn, the ceiling fans are dirty, you will find it inconvenient to replace or clean these devices as they are too high.

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According to architectural experts, for some small homes, high ceilings should be built around 3m. It is the best, it should not be too high nor too low. If the ceiling is less than 2.5m, this will make you feel uncomfortable and secret. Also, depending on the room, each floor they will have different ceilings. Specifically, the first floor has a living room, it is usually higher than the height to create a spacious. With the study room, the bedroom needs a cozy atmosphere which should be of moderate height.

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