Should we invest in Condotel ?

Together with the high life standard, the enjoyment demand of human also grows, which are the key factors that make the Condotel model attract investors.

  1. Overview of Condotel

The concept of “Condotel” is formed by pairing two words Condo (or Condominium) – the high-grade apartment with common standards of construction area, green space, entertainment utilities, security … and Hotel. So, it can be understood that condotel are condominium hotel. With function as a condominium + hotel, Condotel is designed as a real apartment (with living room, bedroom and kitchen with full cooking equipment) and is managed by a professional unit when the owner wants to rent his apartment to make profit like a real hotel.

 Owning a Condotel means having a second home dedicated to luxury holidays and can sub-lease when not in use.

Condotel is run by a professional property management unit that helps owners manage the renting and maintenance. Condotel managing companies are responsible for keeping the property in the best condition and acting on behalf of the owner to rent apartment.

  1. Outstanding Condotel projects in Vietnam

Talking about Condotel project, the first name to mention is Havana Nha Trang Condotel project offered for sale in 2011. In the same year, the Condotel A La Carte Danang project was also launched with 202 Condotel meeting 4-star standard. In the following years, a series of project being deployed show that the attraction of Condotel appeal is very large.

Nha Trang, the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, following the success of Condotel Havana project, Panorama Nha Trang project was deployed on August 2016. With an extremely prime location in the heart of Nha Trang city with two sides facing the main street, only 50 meters from the beach with 5-minute walk make Panorama Nha Trang have sea view maximum wind. Along with the unique elliptical design and meticulousness in each layout to make Panorama Nha Trang apartment become an attractive investment.

  1. Should we invest in Condotel?

Condotel is particularly attractive to investors and tourists, successful businessmen or middle-income people. This is because Condotel, with the function of a hotel, will provide a quick return of capital, bringing immediate profit for the owner. In addition, with the optimized amenities, Condotel is also an attractive option for those who wish to buy or rent an apartment to enjoy life at affordable expenses with modern amenities. Condotel is especially suitable for long vacation.

With the current Condotel projects, the project’s owners also focus on introducing preferential policies to stimulate investment. It can be referred to Panorama Nha Trang project where the owner of the project can apply flexible investment method so that customers can use the apartment to live, can use for business or authorize for investor to make business. The price of Panorama Nha Trang apartments is also reasonable. With just1.5 billion, customers can own a Condotel. In addition, customers of Panorama Nha Trang apartments also receive attractive gift packages including: interior finishing package up to 300 million, one Iphone 7 Plus and one Mercedes C200 valued 1.5 billion. The capital issue is also cared specially when investors are offered up to 70% of the sale price of apartments with 0% interest rate and 8% discount for customers paying 95% of the apartment value

So, with undeniable advantages, you should have your own answer whether to invest in Condotel apartment or not.

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