Should you sell your home away from the center to buy an apartment in the inner city?

With Realestatevietnam analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of two types: suburban and inner city apartment, from which to answer the question “Should sell the house far from the center to buy apartments urban?”

What you get when you live in a suburban home

One of the most obvious benefits of living in a suburban home is that you have total control over your property and the freedom to do what you like in your own home. With suburban home, you want to renovate, expand or organize friends drink, karaoke throughout the night no one has any idea because this is your real property, you want to repair anything with any design you like?

Also, when you live in a suburban home, you do not have to pay the cost of living in the apartment. For example: maintenance costs, elevators, sanitation, security, parking, lighting, trees, parks … If your home is spacious, you can expand the space for garden of the house, very convenient with families with small children and pets. In addition, as a “private” home should be sure the privacy than the “general” house, less affected by the surrounding. As for architectural design, you have full control over your aesthetic sense.

you have total control over your property.

One of the most obvious benefits of living in a suburban home is that you have total control over your property.

Things you lost when living in a suburban home

In addition to the above benefits, built-up townhouses in the suburbs are usually located far from the city center, usually in tens of kilometers or more, which means you’ll spend a lot of money. Time travel if your company is located in the inner city. With the traffic jam in the big cities today, going 2 times a day and going to make your time spent on the road trip doubles and becomes a big obsession. In addition, in the case of families with children, it is unlikely that taking your child to school every day, extending from primary school to university completion, will be a big challenge (unless you give your child Study at local schools with poor facilities.

What you get when living in an inner city apartment

In recent years, the process of urbanization is taking place very quickly, with the tendency that the number of people choosing to buy apartments in the city also increased significantly. The convenience of living in urban apartment gradually has been widely recognized. In addition, investors of apartment projects increasingly have more preferential policies for customers, put the interests of customers on the top to be served. Currently, when buying a condominium apartment, customers do not need to have a large amount of money at one time to make the final payment as when you buy the land, the investor will be associated with the bank tosupport and installment payments – economic suitability.

Most apartment buildings are located in densely populated metropolitan areas, often with lots of bars and entertainment venues. With high-end apartment buildings with synchronous infrastructure, you can easily get all modern conveniences in just a few steps. From the playground to the children, the campus, the trees to the swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court … all synchronized and modern.

City apartments are especially suitable if your family has small children

City apartments are especially suitable if your family has small children

Another advantage of living in an apartment is that almost all the rooms in the apartment are designed on a flat surface, so the residents do not have the energy to climb the stairs. Family affection from there is also “warm”, more civilized life. Everything is managed and resolved by the building management. Security is also better assessed by being protected 24/24.

City apartments are especially suitable if your family has small children. Because there is a playground for children, children’s park, children will be communicating with their peers in a cool, spacious and safe environment. In case you are on the high floor, from the 8th floor up the air will be very cool and cool. Besides, you will have nice view, always windy house.

The advantage is that in the apartment, you will never have to worry about flies, mosquitoes … and also avoid flooding like living in the city. Besides the modern facilities, full in just a few steps is an attractive place for buying apartments.

Some other benefits when living in urban apartment:

  • High above clean, airy space, the eyes are wide open quiet.
  • 24-hour security and hygiene services ensure that people always feel safe in their homes.
  • At night, the whole family gathers in the same plane, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that makes the family members more intimate.
  • The people living in the same apartment area are usually of comparable level so it is easy to get near. Especially those with children, they will be exchanged fun together.
  • Condominiums have attracted quite a number of young couples with modern living attitudes. They have a high income, are able to buy a house under the ground but still prefer to live in the apartment because of the convenience and practical benefits of living space that it brings.
  • Condominiums or urban areas are often located near the city center should travel very convenient, there is a car park under the building so convenient.
  • The apartment also has green space, the park for children to play, adults exercise, close to markets, schools, hospitals. Apartment on high floor will enjoy the fresh air, clean, airy.
  • The apartment is also safer because most new apartments have a management, security, and surveillance camera.
The apartment is also safer

The apartment is also safer because most new apartments have a management, security, and surveillance camera

Things you lost when living in an inner city apartment

In addition to the obvious benefits of the urban apartment, psychological concerns about electricity services, poor water service, high monthly service charges and can increase each year is still a barrier to many people. lest. Apartments are often managed closely, so if you want to build, repair anything must be approved by the Building Management. But frequent delays make it hard for many homeowners.

Also, because it is shared with many other residents, if the sound insulation is not good, your family is susceptible to noise from neighboring houses, especially if they have young children. This makes the privacy also less or less.

On the issue of car, you have to depend on protection. If you go late at night, while the protection goes away, you will not be able to find a place to park your car. Vehicles in the garage should be scratched inevitable.

Some inner-city apartments are located in the space of few green trees, cramped planning, lack of playground for children, environmental pollution. In addition, the number of buildings is constantly increasing, residents are also crowding rapidly, leading to overloading infrastructure and the degradation of buildings over time use also means the decline of the value of apartments .

Which is best for you?

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the suburbs and inner-city dwellings that Realestatevietnam has listed above, you can now consider which options are good and appropriate most for his family.

In the past, many people said that apartments for low-income families or newlyweds did not have the economic potential to buy an underground home. But now this concept has been rejected because there are many well-off families, who have the economic conditions to buy a home but they still choose to stay in the apartment.

Nowadays, many new urban areas have been built along with modern apartment buildings. People’s skepticism about apartment buildings has been gradually eradicated when people witnessed the modern, luxurious, comfortable and safe apartments in urban areas.

Of course, these are utilities, but not in apartments with no downside and many inconveniences. Thus, each person has many options that suit his or her needs, goals, financial situation, personal needs such as cheap housing, social housing, homeownership … or simply rent a room, rent a house to stay.

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