Should Young Couple Buy A Small Area Or Apartment?

Buying a small townhouse (called a small house) or apartment is a question that many young people and young couples are concerned about today.

We need to look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the issues of price, quality of construction, legal status, position, … of two this house types.

The advantages of small homes

Young couples should buy a small area or apartment

Easily renovated townhouses increase the area

Red book or pink book right hand, not waiting as when buying a condo project.

Easily build more floors, thereby increasing the area used compared to the apartment.

Freedom to use, to live, to repair, to ask for permission.

The building style is diverse, designed according to personalities and personal preferences.

There are no monthly fees for living such as the apartment.

Can create their own internal facilities, such as garden space, natural aquarium …

Private, isolated compared to the apartment.

High value-added, good price.

The downside of small homes

The cost of buying land and building costs, the price is higher than the apartment in the same area.

If you want to have the large area, you need to move in a far away from the center of the same price range.

There are not many life amenities, leisure services like condominiums.

Affected by the large area of living.

Buying a home in a corner will be very difficult to move and when you have trouble.

There is no comfortable car park like the apartment.

The advantages of apartment

Young couples should buy a small area or apartment

The apartment has a fresh environment

When living in an apartment, you and your husband will have advantages over small houses, you will be using a lot of life utilities, synchronous infrastructure, convenient connection, full facilities, clean, cool, high security.

In-house services, coffee, swimming pool, gym, grocery store, supermarket

Living space on the same floor, easy to clean, emotional mount more.

High security, convenient transportation, green living environment, clean.

Suitable for families with young children because of play space, the same age to play with.

Apartment airy floor, no flies, mouse, cockroach, nice view, wide.

No need to have 100% of the value of the apartment can still own because of the bank flexible support, easier assessment than the townhouse.

Flexible payment, payment on schedule, time to prepare financial, pressure.

The downside of the apartment

Young couples should buy a small area or apartment

However, renovating apartments will be more difficult than townhouses

The surrounding infrastructure should be synchronized to serve large numbers of people living and traveling.

Must comply with the regulations of the management, not free to repair without notice.

It costs a lot for the daily living whether or not to use the apartment.

Affected by noise if there are many young children, conflicting family issues affect the surrounding.

Value increases slowly, do not keep good prices by the city

There is no pink book right after the purchase, it must wait for about 1 to several years after receiving the house, this is what makes many people hesitant when deciding whether to buy a small house or apartment.

Can not change the area used as a townhouse can be added to the guard or up.

Risk from homeowners handover slow, management apartment is not good.

Complex and inconvenient to party, funeral.

Notes on buying a small home and buying an apartment

Young couples should buy a small area or apartment

Apartment suitable for young couple

Young couples should buy a small house or apartment will depend on the needs and preferences of each family. However, when choosing a home should ensure a good living environment, development infrastructure, good inter-regional connectivity. Each type has its own pros and cons, you can refer to the following to make your decision:

If you are a young couple working day and a family with few people looking after your home, buying an apartment is a good idea because of its safety and convenience.

If you are an older person and need a space close to nature, peaceful, free, crowded home should choose the small town.

In addition, to choose a small home or apartment without remorse you need to carefully consider the following issues:

+ Direction of a house (direction, age, no sun, good wind …).

+ Quality of construction.

+ Legal full, pink book.

+ Location compared to where you work, children go to school, activities, facilities around.

+ Cash flow (rental money) depends on the property and the position, the purchase price compared with the market price.

+ Layout, a design of the house.

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