Sky Symphony Khai Hoan Land is going to offer for sale

As a well-known brand, Khai Hoan Land has almost grasped the trust of customers. Khai Hoan Land has not lost customers’ expectation when it meets all needs of customers, serves thoroughly, carefully explains to buyers in the most understandable way.

To achieve those things, impossible not to mention to the merits of a talented manager, the contribution of qualified staff, the enthusiasm, skills, and especially the consensus between the owner and the staff.

Not only to catch up with the development trend of the real estate market in recent times, the landowner is constantly trying, actively initiating the expansion of the market outside, preparing for the mission Reaching out to the world of the land of victory.

One of the strategic steps is to improve the interactivity for not only domestic staff but also for foreign partners by opening up dynamic, active English Clubs…

The prosperity of the society, the customer is the strongest guarantee for the sustainable development of Khai Hoan Group in their nearly 20 years of experience in the field of real estate.

As the first project of Khai Hoan Land, Sky Symphony promises to be the brightest spot in Saigon in the future.

How is the development potential of Sky Symphony Nha Be Apartment?

According to experts in the real estate and resort segment is still the bright spot of the market because customer’s demand is still very large. Credit growth in this segment will continue to increase. Located in the south of Saigon, a perfect location, Sky Symphony orients towards the most positive criteria to create a synchronous connection in terms of infrastructure and facilities with this modern, busy metropolitan area and utilize the facilities in the surrounding area such as GS city supermarket of 350 ha, Phu My Hung 2-240 ha, Dragon City-65 ha.

From the Sky Symphony it takes only:

  • 5-10 minutes to go to work, school, health care, recreation, relaxation, …
  • 2 minutes to the high –end metropolis GS METRO CITY with 350 hectares.
  • 5 minutes to the cluster of universities such as Resources University, University of Sports, AIS International School, Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway.
  • 5 minutes to Phu My Hung 2 urban area with 240 ha, Dragon City.
  • 7 minutes to Long Hau Industrial Park, Hiep Phuoc Port.
  • 10 minutes to Phu My Hung, Vivo City, NSG International School, Dinh Thien Ly.
  • 15 minutes to Lotte, Vietopia, Vstar school, semicircle lake, Tam Duc hospital, SECC exhibition, Crescent Mall …
Location of Sky Symphony

Location of Sky Symphony

Breakthrough in every detail in design of Sky Symphony

Taking advantage of the surrounding area, Sky Symphony apartments are fully exploited with landscaping facilities, high-end resort models such as the east bank waterfront, …

Moreover, the idea of ​​building blocks around the garden and landscape facilities to maximize the contact with nature as well as access to serve the living for residents of the project.

Sky Symphony apartments are designed with cozy living space, connected kitchen into large space with modern furniture, flexible utility for the user. All rooms are full of natural light, with the most comfortable feeling. Relaxation loggia and separate logistical laundry techniques make it impossible for customers to be dissatisfied.

Sky Symphony attracts much attention from big companies wanting to contribute into the project to bring attractive profits. Let’s explore 9 reasons why investors are attracted by the Sky Symphony:

First of all, we have to mention the essential position, pioneering in series of projects. Investors and partners have experience and reputation in the business lines.

Extremely low construction density with only about 25.8%, green trees account for about 50%.

New, strange and unique design as the high –end resort.

The price is attractive and cheap for customers, especially upper class young families.

The most favorable sales policy to create favorable conditions for customers.

The smart design of the apartment is a reason not to be missed when the rooms are airy, separated between Balcony’s living room and Balcony’s laundry.

Join us to build and complete the most wonderful Sky Symphony in Nha Be.

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