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Sky Symphony, the first project of Khai Hoan Land

Sky Symphony project

Sky Symphony Project is the first product of the Khai Hoan Land in 2017 and is also set to open for sale.

Most people today would like to own a comfortable and luxurious apartment with reasonable price, suitable with their financial ability. That is why we, Khai Hoan Land have endless efforts to create a luxury Sky Symphony apartment immersed in nature to please customers.

So let’s explore some of the highlights of this project!

The different feature of Sky Symphony is its brokerage model

Khai Hoan Land is a popular name in the real estate market today with high credibility and reputation and creates differences from other real estate trading floors in not paying salaries to brokers instead of “terrible” commission.

Unlike traditional trading floors, Khai Hoan Land recently launched its 70/30 model, which means that brokers are completely unpaid, but earn commissions up to 70% of the sales value. The Company only collects about 30%.

With this new policy, it can be said that Khai Hoan Land is gradually asserting its position in the real estate brokerage when it recruiting employees from hundreds to thousands of people.

Sky Symphony apartment project is the first project by Khai Hoan Group planned to build and launch in the first quarter to stir up the south of Saigon.

Moving along the current market trend

Located at 1563 (former No. 4 / 22A), the facade on Le Van Luong Road, in Nhon Duc Commune, Nha Be District, is a important route connecting District 7 and Vung Tau and Long An expressway, Sky Symphony is becoming the focal point of interest to many customers, especially important intersection between the two urban areas on the growing momentum are District 7 and Nha Be of South Saigon. With the encirclement of a series of surrounding large and small projects such as Lavila Villas, Nine South Villas creating a potential regional link of real estate. It can be said that this is the “golden” position of this luxury apartment project.

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A project full of 5 unique elements

Firstly, the project is near the urban center of District 7, from here it takes only 15 minutes to move to Lotte, Vivo, Phu My Hung.

Secondly, Sky Symphony is passed by river through the south benefiting cool air and romantic life.

Thirdly, it is extremely convenient to move from Le Van Luong street to the southern Saigon.

The fourth, the park next to the river helping condition air is also the highlight of the project.

The fifth, the project is very close to the service, education, health center, which facilitates Sky Symphony residents to use.

The breakthrough within Sky Symphony Khai Hoan Land

Inside the Sky Symphony apartment is beautifully designed, suitable for upper class customers.

System of living room, bedroom, bathroom,….are built for the user’s convenience. Modern and smart devices keeping up with today’s technological trends all present in this luxury apartment complex.

From the apartment, resident can view beautiful and majestic river harmonizing with nature. The flowing water sound creates a melodious song that we cannot keep from listening.

Many fun activities right in the apartment will connect, bond family together no matter how busy of work. There are two large commercial centers to meet the needs of shopping, dining without going far.

Is the Sky Symphony high end apartment project expensive?

Depending on customers’ choice of apartment, the price will be different for one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom apartment,..

Its price range is from 15 to 20 million/m2 which is both cheap and attractive. Many customers are attracted by this wonderful price. In addition, Khai Hoan Land has many preferential policies for customers to create the best favorable conditions for the customers.

Especially, when customers choose the project in the first time launching the project, they will receive many benefits and gifts from the investor. So invest or buy from the first period will be very potentials

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Sky Symphony, the first project of Khai Hoan Land

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