Small Area Apartment: Prohibited Or Developed According To Planning?

After the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued a regulation limiting the area of apartments for the commercial housing project is not less than 45 sqm and with social housing not less than 25 sqm, HoREA Association of Ho Chi Minh City has proposed the City and the Ministry of Construction to reconsider this regulation.

International experience

Mrs. Mai, who is married to a foreigner, owns an apartment just over 20 square meters in Sciennes House Place in Newington, near Edinburgh University. The apartment has 1 covered room, 1 living room, and kitchen, dining table, 1 toilet.

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Another homeowner in Sciennes House Place is also offering a 31 sqm flat for £ 150,000 or about $ 186,956. As described on the net, this apartment has a lounge area of 2.03 x 1.37m, living room, dining room, kitchen 4.32 x 3.43m, bedroom 3.58 x 3.07m, bathroom 2.06 x 1.17m and toilet 0.86 x 0.74m. The apartments in this area have shared gardens and there is parking on the street.

Small area apartment: prohibited or developed according to planning?

Small apartment suitable for single people, or young family

Ms. Mai said that buyers of apartments in this area for investment can be rented to students at prices ranging from 600 to 800 pounds per month (equivalent to $ 739 – $ 1,000).

“Cities in the UK such as Edinburgh and London have very expensive land, so small apartments are suitable for single people, young couples or investors. I have visited several cities in Europe, like Gothenburg in Sweden, also see a lot of small apartments in the city center, “she shared.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Loc, General Director of Techcomreal assessed, reducing the area of apartments will be the value of apartments, the pocket money of customers, especially single clients, the family has 2-3 children are not rich in financial and especially low-income. However, these products, the supply in Ho Chi Minh City today is very limited.

Should be developed according to planning

Commenting on the new text of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on limiting the area of commercial apartments is not less than 45 sqm and 25 sqm with social housing, Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of HoREA said that: previously, the Ministry of Construction and Ho Chi Minh City has approved for pilot construction of a minimum floor area of 38m2, with a certain percentage in some projects. Thus, the city was inconsistent in this matter.

However, sharing with Ho Chi Minh City’s concerns, HoREA proposes to allow commercial apartment buildings with an area of at least 25sqm floor, but must be consistent with the detailed construction plan, construction standards, building standards and the contents of the decision on investment policy of the project on construction of dwelling houses of the competent State body. The proportion of small apartments ranging from 25m2 floor to less than 45m2 floor does not exceed 25 – 30% of the total apartment. Projects with small flats may be developed in the outlying districts and suburban districts.

Small area apartment: prohibited or developed according to planning?

The space of the apartment is small

Mr. Tran Duc Vinh, general director of Tran Anh Long An Real Estate Company, also concurred with HoREA that the development of apartment area less than 45 sqm, however, it is necessary to have control in each area to suit the infrastructure.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Su Ngoc Khuong, Investment Director of Savills Vietnam said that the development of apartment area less than 45sqm is necessary with the needs of society, but if not research, full exploration, it will accelerate the pace of urbanization, increase the population of local mechanics, increase the overload of the urban and social infrastructure.

According to Mr. Khuong, the development of housing projects not only solve the housing problem but also associated with the planning problem. It is a series of interconnected links, from infrastructure to the power supply, drainage, to the transport axes, medical facilities, education, and living…and other social benefits. Any measure to solve the problem of housing must be based on urban planning.

“However, looking at countries, in big cities are developing projects with small area apartments, why can not HCM City, where the city is developing very strong in transport infrastructure? Mr. Khuong put matters and said, to decide the development of small area apartments in which projects, which area, at what rate, need to plan physical.

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