Smart design of apartment in Charmington Iris in district 4

The smart design apartment in Charmington Iris project is an place full of natural light combined with amenities to make your life more comfortable and relaxing.

In your opinions, which elements make Charmington Iris worth as a dream house for the city dweller? According to real estate professionals who have strategic vision of real estate business, smart apartments are made by fresh natural environments, modern facilities and the design which is spacious but not empty, small but not narrow.

  1. The cool, fresh natural environment of Charmington Iris on the riverside

Situated on Saigon Riverside and Te Riverside, the two main river branches of the city regulating the annual rainfall to keep the city dry, avoiding flooding in rainy season. It is the convection of the flow has changed the living environment of the surrounding residential area, especially the 35-floor Charmington Iris building with river views and bustling street at night.

In addition to the natural living environment, other factors such as social security, convenient transportation and economic potential also contribute to increase the value of Charmington Iris apartment in district 4 with attractive price for customers deposit before the project is completed. Therefore, customer is the investors accompanying with Sacomreal owner to complete the project quickly, expected before the new year of 2018.

  1. Modern facilities help improve life quality and enjoy the peace.

When learning an apartment project, what customers interested in is the existing utility system around the project and interior utility is designed within the project. Charmington Iris in District 4 does not only own available utilities system such as Big C, Coop Mart, Minimart, schools, hospitals, clinics, bus stop but also includes Gym, spa, basketball court, supermarket, shophouse … for daily necessities

In addition, the lightweight elevator system makes it easy to move safely and is maintained weekly to prevent any damage causing difficulties for residents living on higher floos. Tight security with 24/24 camera system ensures order and safety for Charmington Iris residents. Another thing that certainly does not have any project dare to invest is the magnetic card system applied to the main door of each apartment which can open and close automatically to absolutely protect the property and life of the residents living here.

  1. Eco- green design opens up new visions

The walls in the apartment are built from eco-friendly materials painted with waterproof emulsion, noise-proof and heat-resistant so you can be assured when living in a completely separate apartment in term of space as well as area. Living space in the Charmington Iris apartment is flooded with natural light, so it also saves you partly of the monthly electricity bill.

In addition, green living space is also good for mental and physical health, especially improve eyesight for the elderly and children. The area ranges from 50m2- 130 m2, equivalent to 1-4 bedrooms suitable for the single, newly married couples, small families with 1-2 children or large families with many generations living together.

Smart design of Charmington Iris apartment in District 4 converges three elements of the natural environment, modern amenities and interior design close to the natural landscape to bring a comfortable living environment for residents. If you like this ideal living space, choose to buy luxury apartments of the Sacomreal real estate group right in this summer.

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