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Smart Home – New Trends In Big Cities

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The concept of smart home recently appears quite a lot and is currently attracting investment customers. This is considered as the trend of buying new houses in big cities. However, how do you know what is a smart home?

Smart home standards

 The smart home concept has been around for years, but currently, there is no specific benchmark for determining smart homes. Recently, LDG Group has announced the smart apartment area along the Saigon Intel which meets 6 standards of a smart home, only then, the concept of smart home gradually shaped in the minds of home buyers.

According to Nguyen Quoc Vy Liem, Deputy General Director of LDG Group, smart house is the house must ensure at least 6 major factors are commonly called 6 smarts, including: dynamic, scheduled; smart interior, save space; integrated apartment management system; use smart apartment electrical system; smart facilities, educational and using clean, environmentally friendly energy.

Smart house
LDG Group pioneered the investment in Saigon River Smart Apartments in Saigon South

Up to now, many apartments have been developed with smart apartment information, but are still at a basic level of delivery to customers. Customers who want to own an intelligent apartment will have to equip themselves.

On the other hand, the standard of a smart apartment has many factors that need to be synchronized between the investor and the residents of the house. Therefore, despite the concept of apartment smart has long been known, but no investor to complete the criteria to launch the market.

Smart homes will have many different benefits for life

According to representatives of the LDG Group, smart housing is certainly not just the decoration of smart interiors, but must be carefully considered from the design stage to the proper layout space and fit into the installation of a smart interior.

For example, at Smart Apartments along Saigon River, invested and developed by LDG Group, right from the design of this unit has planned smart bedroom with airy window, technical aesthetic factors for installation of induction electric system.

smart house
Smart apartments are not only for everyday life, but also for operating costs, convenience of living and additional value for residents.

All these accessories are donated to customers. In addition, smart apartments will be more differentiated to better serve the lives of residents, such as the use of clean energy for environmental protection, friendly to nature and in particular to reduce operating costs.

In addition, the system of parks, facilities, swimming pool, entertainment services, duplex shops will make life more enjoyable and add value to life.

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