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Social Housing Picture

Social Housing

Initial achievements

Over the past three years, the country has completed construction of 179 projects, with the construction scale of 71,150 units, equivalent to about 3.7 million sqm, the total investment of VND  25.900 billion, including 97 social housing projects for industrial park workers, 82 low-income housing projects.

According to data of the HCM City Real Estate Association, there are 10,316 borrowers in the locality with VND 30,000 billion in loans with a total borrowing of VND 7,032.3 billion (of which, 10,308 individuals borrowed VND 5,575.4 billion, and 8 investors of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam borrowed VND 1,456.8 billion).

The Ministry of Construction also said that by the end of October 2016, signed a contract of loaning 32,841 billion dongs and disbursed 28,588.7 billion dongs (reaching 87.05%). In particular, signed a contract of loaning 56,181 households, with the amount of 27.480 billion; Disbursed to 56,181 households, amounting to VND 23,226 billion (reaching 84.52% of loan commitments); Has committed to loan 51 projects and disbursed in the amount of 5.361 billion.

According to the ministry, at present, the localities in the whole country are continuing to implement 191 projects, with the construction scale of over 163 apartments, the total investment of about VND 71,800 billion (including Industrial zones, 121 low-income housing projects).

However, according to the Ministry of Construction, ending the $ 30 trillion credit package has had a negative impact on the low-income people in urban areas, and also on the housing market money.

Social Housing
By 2020, the country needs about 50 million sqm of social housing

Engaging the need

In the difficult period of the real estate market, the implementation of the NTPX credit support package helped to remove difficulties and help the market recover positively. However, there are a number of obstacles when implementing this program.

For example, some housing assistance programs are delayed compared to the initial plan, such as the housing assistance program for people with meritorious services, the housing support program for poor rural households in the period 2…

The development of poverty for the poor, low-income people in urban areas, workers in industrial zones has not met the demand and has not met the targets set out in the National Housing Development Strategy. Up to the fourth quarter of 2016, the country completed the construction of 179 NXXH projects in urban areas and industrial parks (equivalent to 71,150 apartments). Compared to the target of urban and industrial zonation to 2020 set out in the National Housing Development Strategy (about 250,000 apartments), to date, about 28%.

It is known that demand for low-income housing in urban areas, according to the report of localities to 2020, demand for about 1 million apartments equivalent to about 50 million m2. Some places with great demand for living are: Hanoi with 110,000 units; 134,000; Da Nang 11,500 units; 36,700 apartments in Dong Nai; Binh Duong: 41,250 apartments …

Social Housing
The harsh demand for social housing

According to the latest survey on demand for low-income housing to 2020 by the People’s Committee. In Hanoi, the real demand for social housing is expected to increase by nearly 50% compared to the City’s Housing Development Program Out To address this situation, Hanoi has set a long-term plan for 2016-2020 based on the actual demand for natural resources of 6.023.000 sqm, an increase of nearly 50% compared with the planned (4.023.000 sqm).

As a family immigrating to Hanoi, belonged to low-income people and has repeatedly made a home purchase package under the policy package, but the story is still the home of her family Lan Anh (Northern District Tu Liem, Hanoi). Sharing with real estate investment, Ms. Lan Anh regrets: “My family is immigrant, low income, no fixed housing, has done many records but still not. I am not the only one, and some of my colleagues in the same organization are in need of this package yet have not reached. “

In addition, some localities have not paid proper attention to the development of NXXH, such as not putting the target of developing NADPH in the annual socio-economic development plan according to the provisions of law; In urban planning, the industrial park has not clearly defined the land fund for the development of NXXH, not strictly implementing regulations to win 20% of the land found in commercial housing projects to develop NXXH – resulting in lack of land fund clean. To implement the project …

The Ministry of Construction also noted that the investment capital for housing development is not diversified and still limited; The lack of financial institutions to support capital for housing development, especially support for the poor, low-income people borrowing to buy, rent or loan to businesses to invest in building the social welfare (such as Real Estate Investment Fund, Housing Development Fund, Housing Savings Bank …). From here, the mobilization of capital, especially medium and long-term capital for the development of social difficulties are difficult.

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Social Housing Picture

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