Solving financial problems when buying a house

For many Vietnamese people, owning a home is always a wish and a goal to strive for. However, the financial strength is not stable, they made many difficulties to implement this dream.

That’s why Realestatevietnam came up with the topic: Solving financial problems when buying a home to make it easier for buyers to realize the house.

The reality is that the Vietnamese have a common sense of “living in prosperity,” so their homeownership always brings peace of mind to an independent life, high level of privacy, What they do not feel when living in rented houses.

And most importantly, each of them also has some pride associated with home ownership. Those things that if going to rent will be hard to get, if not want to say is impossible. In reality, however, not everyone has the ability to own a home, especially for couples, young families.

Solving financial problems when buying a house

Solving financial problems when buying a house

In Vietnam, average per capita income is approximately $ 2,400 per year (equivalent to VND55 million, 2017), which is a low average income relative to the region and the world. Meanwhile, housing prices in Vietnam, especially in two big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the price is always much higher than the real income of people, so the ownership of a land Living in Vietnam is one of the important decisions that can not be made with many Vietnamese.

One expert in the financial sector has said that the purchase of a home depends mainly on the financial capacity and affordability of people in need but besides the calculation and balance It is also very beneficial to make the right decision before putting money into this channel.

Recognizing this, experts at Realestatevietnam have researched and implemented the topic entitled “Solving financial problems when buying a home” with the desire to help those who are struggling financially, borrow The bank has more knowledge to choose the best loan, loan, loan period, loan bank … as well as avoid risks in the process of borrowing house loan.

Problem Solving a financial problem when buying a house by Realestatevietnam made 10 periods, launched every Monday and Wednesday, lasting 1.5 months from August 13, 2018, as follows:

Part 1: The real status of home ownership and the situation of home loan in Ho Chi Minh City

In this period, Realestatevietnam will point to the real status of housing ownership of people in the HCMC area as well as the situation of home loans, the current policy of home loans of banks.

Part2: When should you take a home loan?

What is the best time to get a home loan? The answer will be in the second semester of the problem solving financial problems when buying a home.

Part 3: The most popular forms of home loan

In the third quarter, Realestatevietnam will review some of the most popular forms of mortgage lending, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Part 4: Choosing the best mortgage bank

Which bank should we choose to borrow, which bank has the best interest rate? The answer will be given by Realestatevietnam in the fourth semester.

Part 5: Choosing the best mortgage

Financial experts have said, should not borrow more than 50% of the value of the property you want to buy. This is true for the time being. Check out the 5th period of the topic.

Part 6: Choosing the best time to buy a home

Bank loan in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or 25 years is the best and least pressure to pay? Session 6 of the seminar will give you the answer to this question.

Part 7: Avoiding the risk of borrowing money to buy a house

In the seventh season, Realestatevietnam will offer situations as well as how to avoid the risk of bank loans to buy a home.

Part 8: Detailing the order, procedures and dossiers of borrowing money for house purchase banks

Loan application for home loans is very troublesome and requires many requirements and procedures. In period 8, Realestatevietnam will tell you the sequence as well as clearly list the records you need to prepare before borrowing the bank.

Part 9: List of projects guaranteed by the bank

In the market today, many real estate projects are being guaranteed by banks. The list of these projects will be listed by Realestatevietnam in detail in this 9th session.

Part 10: Q & A with experts

In the final period of the problem Solving financial problems when buying a home, Realestatevietnam experts will answer directly questions of those who are in need of bank loans, finance when buying a home.

Realestatevietnam is a technology company active in the field of real estate established in August 2016 with the strength of Big Data, Learning Machine, 3D vitual tour and training professional brokers at Realestatevietnam Academy.

After 2 years of operation with clear criteria, committed to accurate information for customers, protect the interests of customers, Realestatevietnam has created a certain place in the real estate. Problem Solving the financial problem when buying a house is the second one by Realestatevietnam , followed by the subject: Intensive view on real estate investment.

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