South Hoi An Resort Project: It is difficult in land clearance

According to the report of Quang Nam People’s Committee, over time, the progress of land clearance of the resort Hoi An South Resort progress very slowly, not meet the requirements of investors. Many problems and obstacles in compensation and land clearance are still slowly resolved.

Perspective of South Hoi An Resort project

Perspective of South Hoi An Resort project

Quang Nam province said that in the area of ​​70.34 hectares to clear land before 2015, so far there are still 6 households in Binh Duong commune and two households in Duy Hai commune have not handed over the land.

In the first phase of the project (183ha), 17.03ha have not been cleared, of which in D, 43 cases of illegal construction have not been resolved. Therefore, Clearance; In Area A, Zone B, Zone C, with 1.7ha, the compensation and support plan was approved but the households did not agree to receive the money.

In order to promptly hand over the landto the investor, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province requested the district Party Committee and the People’s Committee of Duy Xuyen district to direct the task of handling violations of the construction order of the district in coordination with the People’s Committees of Duyen Hai, Duy Nghia mobilized, requesting the households have construction works in violation (including 43 cases in zone D) dismantle construction works illegally to hand over the site. If the households do not comply, they must be resolved to dismantle.

The province also requested the district to direct the functional divisions, the People’s Committees of Duy Hai and Duy Nghia communes in cooperation with the Science and Technology Development Company, the Center for Development of the provincial land fund to work with cases up to now have not agreed to receive money under compensation plans and cases have received money but have not been handed over to clarify the regulations and policies, asking households to hand over ground before June 20, After this date, if the households do not comply, the People’s Committee of Duy Xuyen will develop a plan and issue a decision to enforce a number of cases.

In the case of the investor of Nam Hoi Development Company Limited, there is a need to continue to invest within the area of ​​125ha of the Nam Hoi Resort project (do not swap positions to invest in other projects. in the area of ​​Thang Binh district, the People’s Committee agreed to assign People’s Committee of Duy Tien district to review and make procedures for registration of additional land use plan for this area to implement land acquisition and compensation, is equal to 2018-2020.

The head of the Management Board of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone shall have the duty to preside over monthly and extraordinary meetings with the working group on compensation, site clearance and resettlement of Nam Hien An Resort project. To coordinate with the branches and localities in guiding the settlement of cases of problems and obstacles in the compensation and resettlement for South Hoi An project and resettlement areas in service of land clearance. In case of exceeding the authority, the management board shall have to report and propose to the provincial People’s Committee for handling.

On the construction of resettlement areas for the clearance of the South Hoi An resort project, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province requested the Department of Construction to coordinate with the Office of the Provincial People’s Committee to complete the decision of the provincial People’s Committee In addition, the company has been assigned by the Son Tra District Company (Son Vien, Rang Rang, and Duy Hai) to build a new resettlement Binh Duong) to continue implementation.

South Hoi An Resort Project: It is difficult in land clearance

South Hoi An Resort Project: It is difficult in land clearance

The Finance Department shall assume the prime responsibility for, together with the provincial / municipal Natural Resources and Environment Services, the Tax Department and concerned branches, advise the provincial People’s Committees in guiding the payment procedures, recognize land use fee for resettlement, write off the compensation, support, ground clearance and construction of infrastructure in resettlement area to solve red book issuance for households Family and individuals in these resettlement areas.

Regarding the construction of the cemetery area in Dong Duy Xuyen Thang Binh, the provincial People’s Committee unanimously agreed to assign the management board of Chu Lai open economic zone to revise the necessary needs to formulate the proposal for investment in the project. From the source of capital of Nam Hoi Development Company, advance to the provincial budget and sent to the Department of Planning and Investment for advice to advise the provincial People’s Committee to report to the provincial People’s Council for approval to implement in accordance with the order, document.

Regarding the granting of land use right certificates to project investors, the provincial People’s Committees shall assign the provincial / municipal Natural Resources and Resources Services to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with provincial / municipal Finance Services, provincial Tax Departments and concerned branches in, guiding procedures and procedures Grant certificates to investors. The company KHCL and the relevant compensation and site clearance agencies have concentrated on finalizing the compensation and ground clearance payment dossiers, which have been completed to complete the dossiers on land use levy and land rent reduction. When issuing certificates according to regulations.

For the area of ​​70.34 hectares to be cleared before 2015, the province requested the company to review, determine the area was actually released, handed over to investors, compiled finalization In collaboration with Nam Hoi Development Company, the procedures for submitting the revised certificate of land use right have been formulated.

For the cleared area (in addition to the 70.34 ha above), the Company shall coordinate with the investor in reviewing and comparing the planning to make the procedures for submission of land use right certificates. For the remaining area, the project investor shall promptly complete the detailed planning dossier 1/500 and submit it to the competent authority for approval in order to determine the unit price for land allocation and lease, Certificates of land use rights…

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