Special subject: The intensive view on real estate investment

Real estate investment has always been the subject of much discussion, seminars, or lucrative investment guidelines. However, not everyone understands the nature, the system is the way the trading market and real estate investment.

Most successful real estate investors are said to have “sensibility”, good sensitivity on the market. What are these two factors when systematizing what they really are, and how to help the real estate investment process have the lowest risk? The subject of real estate investment in Realestatevietnam was born with the target of 8 periods every Monday and Wednesday, lasting for 1 month from 2 July, 2018.

According to analysts, the real estate market in Vietnam has experienced many ups and downs in the last 10 years but overall the market has developed successfully.

According to the report of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, in 2017, real estate transactions increased sharply compared to 2016. Only in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, there were 64,263 successful transactions (not including land plot), mainly low-cost and middle-class apartment.

Real estate plays an important role in the development of the economy. Real estate is considered to be the beginning of a business chain, from construction, material, tourism, convalescence … and involved in most other economic sectors. Real estate not only “cut” the business began from the completion of the works to sell to buyers. That’s part of the brokerage, one of the last activities of the real estate business cycle.

Unfortunately, not all investors know this. Although there are many forms of real estate investment, the actual investment habits of most people today are in large numbers. If new forms of investment appear, quick profits will follow that capital without having a comprehensive view of that form. Not to mention, even professional investors have fallen far enough to know what kind of investment is right for them.

The subject of real estate investment by Realestatevietnam experts

The subject of real estate investment by Realestatevietnam experts hope to help investors understand how to operate, reduce the failure to participate in real estate investment.

Recognizing this, experts at Realestatevietnam.com.vn have researched and implemented the topic entitled “Intensive view on real estate investment” with the desire to help potential investors have a detailed view. about the real estate market, how it works, what determines success and failure to invest. At the same time, systematize them by the simplest, simplest criteria for the most accessible real estate investment, from beginner investors to experienced investors.

Rehearsed by Realestatevietnam include 8 periods:

Part 1: Types of investment

In the first quarter, experts will provide full comments on some types of investment outstanding today with advantages, limitations, criteria for assessing the potential types. From there, investors can choose the form of investment appropriate to their capital and conditions.

Part 2: Why choose real estate investment instead of other types of investment

Part 2 will describe the present investors and answer the question why real estate is chosen by professionals to invest the most at the present time.

Part 3: Detailed analysis of 8 types of real estate investment

What are the 8 types of real estate investment nowadays? Are these types of pros and cons? The answer will be in Part 3 of the seminar.

Part 4: Guide investors to identify the market

Real estate market is constantly moving. Sometimes picking the trend is not a wise choice. In the fourth quarter, experts will give you tips on when to look for investment trends as well as identify which products are scarce for investment.

Part 5: Valuation of real estate

Real estate investment can not grasp the way real estate valuation. Content in Part 5 will go deep into this method to help investors firmly grasp tools when investing in real estate.

Part 6: Should borrow real estate investment bank?

In recent years, the form of borrowing real estate investment bank has developed strongly. Along with the potential challenge that investors will encounter in the process of bank loans. In Part 6, experts will focus on analyzing these factors and taking note when borrowing real estate investment bank.

Part 7: Myths about real estate investment

Market uncertainty, no real estate screening, financial planning breakdown, profit marvels … are some of the basic misconceptions of investors when it comes to investing in this potential sector. .

In Part 7, investors can find the problems they face and have a more complete view of the market to make the right investment decisions.

Part 8: Question with Realestatevietnam expert

In the final session of the seminar, Realestatevietnam will answer questions directly from investors in the real estate investment process.

Realestatevietnam is a technology company active in the field of real estate established in August 2016 with the strength of Big Data, Learning Machine, 3D vitual tour and training professional brokers at Realestatevietnam Academy.

After 2 years of operation with clear criteria, committed to accurate information for customers, protect the interests of customers, Realestatevietnam has created a certain place in the real estate. The first issue of Realestatevietnam hope is to provide investors with an in-depth look at real estate investment, a promising business model.

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