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Start officially One Verandah project District 2

Groundbreaking Ceremony of One Verandah Project District 2

On May 25th, Mapletree owner from Singapore, together with Coteccons contractor, officially commenced the One Verandah apartment project in Thanh My Loi, District 2.

8,000 sqm for internal utility

It is known that One Verandah is the first apartment project of Mapletree Group in District 2. Meanwhile, the main contractor for the One Verandah project is Coteccons, a partner who has worked successfully with Mapletree. At the Saigon South Place complex, there are main items such as SC VivoCity, Richlane Residences and Oakwood Residence Saigon.

As a general contractor, Coteccons will undertake the construction of piles, structural items, complete items and MEP items at the One Verandah project. As scheduled, One Verandah will be handed over in February 2020.

One Verandah project consists of 5 luxury apartment towers combining trade in services with a height of 22 floors, of which the first two floors are floating parking, the third floor is the utility floor, from the 4th floor to 22 will be residential apartments. Total area of ​​the project is 16,700 sqm, floor area is nearly 120,000 sqm. One of the highlights of the One Verandah Project is the design of the project that fuses the natural and living spaces of the residents.

In addition, Mapletree’s owner spends about 8,000 square meters on internal amenities, stretching across the entire third floor designed specifically for family bonding activities, including: carpenters, baby playground, library, gym, Olympic standard swimming pool, jogging track.

One Verandah project
The perspective One Verandah Project
One Verandah Mapletree project’s location
Location of the One Verandah apartment project
Groundbreaking Ceremony of One Verandah Project District 2
Groundbreaking Ceremony of One Verandah Project District 2

With modern architecture along with good geographical location, more than 80% of apartments in One Verandah can see the Saigon river, the rest are apartments with views towards downtown and District 2, all these factors help create a harmonious living space, shorten the distance between people and nature.

One Verandah is an apartment project located in Thanh My Loi residential area, located on the land adjacent to four fronts (Ta Ta, Bat Nun, Nguyen Van Kinh and Street No. 103), the geographical advantages This makes One Verandah more special than other projects in the same area, helping prospective residents save more time in moving into the center and administration, recreation and education.

According to a reliable source of information, the launch of One Verandah will take place on June 30, 1818 at the InterContinental Saigon.

It is possible to apply for a second place reservation for One Verandah project

May 18, 2018, Mapletree (Singapore) officially accepted the second place of the project One Verandah.

Accordingly, customers can now apply for the 2nd stage of the apartments under the two Jardin and Ciel towers of the One Verandah project. The area of ​​apartments ranges from:

  • 54 – 59sqm/ 1 bedroom.
  • 76 – 84sqm/ 2 bedrooms.
  • 104 – 111sqm/ 3 bedrooms.
  • 150 – 344sqm/ duplex-penthouse.

The form is a refundable placeholder and holds a place for the priority number. The deposit amount is: VND100 million / unit and VND200 million / duplex – penthouse.

The second phase of the One Verandah project will be updated to customers in the near future, expected in late June. Once the information is available for sale, Realestatevietnam will send a notice to the customer.

Previously, the One Verandah apartment project was opened for sale phase 1 with attractive price from VND45 million / sqm. This is a good price compared to other projects in the surrounding area. Compared with the Diamond Island project costing from VND50 to 70 million /sqm, the price of One Verandah project is worth the investment. Moreover, with prestigious brand name from leading real estate developer from Singapore – Mapletree and constructed by Coteccons – Fecon construction contractor, One Verandah is also worth the investment.

Here, Realestatevietnam will work with you to explore the design and construction techniques of two Jardin and Ciel One Verandah towers to see how they differ from other projects on the market.

Jardin Tower Apartment – What is the unique One Verandah project?

According to the typical floor plan we can see that the Jardin tower (which represents the green patch of vegetation) is a tower between the Viento Tower and the Ciel Tower, which is perpendicular to the banks of the Saigon River. 100% of Jardin Tower apartments have cool river view. Because of this favorable vision, Realestatevietnam expects the Jardin Tower apartment price to be the highest in the five towers.

The apartments of the Jardin Tower are located from the 5th to the 18th floor, each floor will be arranged 2 stairs, 4 lifts and 12 apartments scale from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The Jardin Tower is also designed by four investors, which contributes to the ventilation of the apartments and corridors, and there are also 3 wind gates in the corridor, ensuring that the corridor at the Jardin Tower is always windy. and natural light. This is a special point in the One Verandah project that customers will rarely see in the other high-end apartments on the market today.

Ciel Tower Apartment Design – What is the unique One Verandah project?

Ciel Tower is also one of two towers to be sold by Mapletree investors in the near future, next to the Jardin Tower as mentioned above. Unlike the Jardin tower, the Ciel tower is parallel to the bank of the Saigon River, so the apartment at Ciel Tower has two main directions: towards the Saigon River and towards the administrative district of District 2, Thanh American Loi.

The apartments of Ciel Tower stretches from the 5th to the 18th floor, with a small difference of two units. One bedroom on the 5th – 7th floor will be rebuilt into 3 rooms at 8th – 18th floor.

Ciel Tower apartment floor from 5th to 7th floor
Ciel Tower apartment floor from 5th to 7th floor
Ciel Tower apartment floor from 8th to 18th floor
Ciel Tower apartment floor from 8th to 18th floor

Information from the investor shows that each floor Ciel tower will be arranged 8 apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms; 3 elevators; 1 staircase and 3 wells. The design of the Ciel scientific tower, all the rooms of the apartment are airy and ensure the natural light. The corridor has three wells and two air gates.

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