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Strong attraction from the new real estate market in Phu Quoc

Recently, some investment channels are showing signs of slowing down, causing investors to be very worried. However, branching resort villas in Phu Quoc bring joy to the big estate.

Mr. Vu Dinh Anh – an economist who made a very correct statement: “If money brought into the bank can not be called investment. Let’s bring money to buy a house, buy villas or invest in production and services, then expect a big profit. “

Resort Real Estate – Investment Trends for the Future.

The profitability of resort real estate compared to other investment channels such as finance, currency and securities has been proven through reality. Even when the market slows down, or signs of going down, real estate in general and in Phu Quoc in particular are unaffected.

In other words investing in real estate is a sustainable investment, investing in the future, investing wisely in people who dare to make confident decisions.

Resort Real Estate - Investment Trends for the Future.
Resort Real Estate – Investment Trends for the Future.

Particularly with the segment of resort villas, the most prominent is the coastal villas – where there are many advantages to the “money spawning”. Experts say the demand for this segment is growing rapidly (exponentially), while supplies are limited. This is the most advantageous time to invest in the profits of smart investors, confident with every decision to buy and sell.

It can be said that with this firm commitment, investors do not have to worry about risk or unstable profit when investing in Phu Quoc real estate market.

The figures say, showing the strong growth of Phu Quoc in recent times.

According to an official report, total supply in the real estate market of Phu Quoc is over 1,700 units under six villa projects and one apartment project. The villa segment sold 65%, while the apartment segment sold 35%.

These projects have good potential and potential to promote the potential of marketing. Not only that, but also build reputation thanks to the prestige of the owner, the progress of construction on time and in the resort with full facilities.

Investors from the north (mainly Hanoi) accounted for 80%, followed by buyers from HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City is about 15%. This group of customers is mainly bought for investment or convalescence.

Phu Quoc Resort Real Estate
The strong growth of Phu Quoc market in recent times

Over the past few years, the resort villa segment has been a key product in the real estate development and development in this island district with many options for form and price. Hotel condotel products are relatively popular and attractive not only customers in the country but also foreign visitors.

Particularly, the rental rate promised by the investors for a period of three to ten years is about 6-10% per year. It is expected that Phu Quoc will be invested in quality projects by many international names such as Starwood, IHG, Mövenpick will enter the market in the next two years.

Target 2020 Phu Quoc will turn strong, now is the right time to make investment decisions.

Long Phu Quoc has been planned to be built with the goal of becoming a tourist center and plays a key role in the economic development of Kien Giang. Located in the southwest of the country and located in the Gulf of Thailand – where the weather is stable, Phu Quoc less affected by the storm.

Phu Quoc possesses the ideal conditions to become an international tourism center. Many experts and representatives from local authorities have pointed out many potentialities and opportunities for Phu Quoc development, especially in the field of real estate.

Phu Quoc real estate
Land speculation in Phu Quoc. And the price of land here is pushed up very high

In fact, Phu Quoc is experiencing rapid growth and economic development. According to Phu Quoc district leaders, the average growth rate is about 27.5%. In 2015, the figure is 32.6%. Meanwhile, GDP per capita is also quite high at about $ 5,469. The fields of tourism, agriculture, fisheries, … all grew strongly.

Visitors to Phu Quoc increased 13% / year on average. In 2015, international visitors to Phu Quoc will reach 150,000. This sector has mobilized total investment capital of about VND 16,000 billion, 5 times higher than that of 2010.

Phu Quoc successfully completed the plan set out.

After five years of launching plans to attract investment to develop infrastructure. Recently, Phu Quoc has completed many large infrastructure works with investment capital of over VND billion, such as Phu Quoc international airport, the island road.

In addition, the number of resort projects, 4-5 star hotel has come into operation such as Novotel Resort & Hotel by CEO Group, Vinpearl by Vingroup Group, …

So far, Phu Quoc is attracting strong with investors and become major real estate resort resort. The total registered capital is up to VND183 trillion (about US $ 8 billion).

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