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Strong Beliefs Create Life In The Palm City Project

District 2, the center of the city is increasingly invested with a number of high-end apartment projects, public works and diverse utilities.

Palm City, a luxury apartment complex built right in the heart of District 2, is a huge investment project from the owner.

Let’s find out why you should buy an apartment in Palm City Project District 2.

Buying a used home in Palm City, paradise life, worthy level:

The Palm City high-end apartment project in district 2 has been built on a large scale up to 30.2ha. The subdivision is clearly divided according to the purpose of the customer choose:

  • Modern Palm Residence, this is a low-rise building with a total of 135 houses. Townhouses are adjoining houses. The subdivision also includes 14 Palm City Villas, 11 shophouses. The total area of Palm Residence is 9ha.
  • Palm Heights luxury apartment complex, with high-rise towers, have a total of 3,700 units, scale over 3ha.
  • The commercial center, shopping, entertainment facilities occupy 1.8ha. This will be the place to serve all the needs of relaxation and fun of customers. Essential needs from basic to advanced will be served by a professional team.
  • Occupying 1.0 hectares is a health care and nursing home
  • International schools with international quality education will be the perfect development environment for your children.
  • They will be educated with modern methods, learn the best equipment. The site will be built on a 3.0ha scale.

Luxury design details of each type of apartment:

Each floor of the apartment in Palm City District 2 only ranged from 8 units / floor with 538 units with 2 bedrooms, area from 76 to 85sqm and 378 units with 3 bedrooms, area from 105 to 123 sqm.

Palm City District 2 is the most luxurious apartment in Keppel Land in Vietnam, so the design of the apartment is also modern in Singapore colors. All the rooms in the apartment have a balcony, the view of the living room and the bedroom are views of the outside to create a comfortable space. The apartment is delicately designed, making full use of sunlight and natural wind.

And compared to the usual apartments which have toilets next door, toilets in Palm City are designed in the corner. More specifically, the view overlooking the river Giong Ong To of the apartment can be permanently uncovered.

Palm City Apartment
Palm City apartments are designed with modern sophistication

Enjoy the ultimate level of utilities:

The pool is one of the common utility designs of luxury apartments. The modern Palm City pool is large and poolside with relaxation areas and outdoor shower facilities. Swimming pools for children and adults which are cater for each age.

Besides relaxing in the pool, you can also spend some time at the luxurious saunas at the apartment, Sauna room with rooms for men and women only, private locker rooms create privacy for the user. It would be great if after the tired moments, you have been relieved stress and happy moments with family and relatives.

On weekends, you can organize outdoor barbecues without worrying about the weather thanks to the shelter system.

If you are a sports enthusiast, you can go to the training ground, tennis court, volleyball … right inside the zone. The gym and luxury spa are equipped with modern equipment, ensuring the best quality and efficiency.

Reading rooms, libraries, quiet cafés are also an ideal place for residents to relax.

In addition to the modern, luxury of the apartment, you will also feel the fresh air and peaceful nature of the walking paths, garden walks, landscaped gardens, Water landscape, Jacuzzi Lake…

Your children will be entertained in the children’s play area, library, classroom … without affecting the parent’s rest time. The system of international schools, bilingual school guarantees healthy development, optimal for children.

Live faithfully, settle down professionally:

Palm City is in Nam Rach Chiec-An Phu planning area, District 2.

Palm City District 2 project was invested by Keppel Land, Tran Thai and Tien Phuoc. This is a strong trio of investors, famous for its numerous outstanding projects.

 Palm City District 2
A variety of utility layout in Palm City District 2

Palm City would certainly be the most desirable project after the chain of projects in the city of Thu Thiem Empire, Sai Gon Center and The Estella…

Palm City is located in the heart of district 2 with delicate, luxurious design and a myriad of amenities to ensure a high standard of living for all residents. Choosing to buy a home in Palm City, you can be assured of future life.

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